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    3 ways to change up your digital marketing strategy to go with the flow of the coronavirus pandemic

    pandemic digital marketing strategy

    With most physical storefronts closed to fend off the spread of the virus, many customers have averted their attention to online shopping, allowing them to remain at home and have their items delivered safely to their front doors. So, while e-commerce operations have always been popular, the extended closures have attracted turnabout consumerism from those who may have never considered the conveniences of online shopping before. Thus, to keep up with the demand and remain prevalent in your industry, it’s time to invest in and change-up your digital marketing strategy to captivate and invite new, networked clientele. After all, catering to their needs may turn them into recurring customers post-pandemic.  

    Take advantage of consumer immobility 

    It has become increasingly challenging to grab hold of both essential items, let alone trivial products that bring happiness to your everyday life, which is why it’s a paramount time for e-commerce businesses to start reaping the benefits. Online shopping is safer for the elderly and immunocompromised, as well as just a regular family who’s concerned about contracting the virus while fulfilling the items on their much-needed shopping lists. So, in a time where we’re being told to stay home as much as possible, e-commerce is the ultimate, safe-guarded way for consumers to purchase merchandise. Although, the real question is which digital marketing strategy efforts would work best to further your chances of increasing business conversions online?  

    Search Engine Optimization will get you noticed

    Whether you possess a small or large budget, SEO is one of the most valuable digital marketing tactics for business owners who’re trying to get noticed above their competition. This optimization process helps to increase the quality and quantity of your website traffic by expanding its visibility to users who’re searching for specific keywords using popular search engines. While you can pay the big bucks to purchase a paid ad placement, a professional digital marketing company can work with you to climb the ranks and achieve this on a tighter budget.

    Social Media Marketing gives you a voice 

    Since many professions have been laid-off until the economy can offer them a return-to-work solution, more and more users are spending additional time perusing their social media accounts. Now, since social channels are riddled with information and advertising, it can be difficult for you to get organically noticed, which is why a social media marketing strategy could benefit your online business. When you have a regular posting schedule you’re able to maintain a professional online presence and slowly build up trust with targeted users who choose to follow your accounts. The best part about social media marketing is that you’re able to answer customer questions promptly and offer immediate feedback to those who may have had a negative purchasing experience in the past. 

    Email Marketing drives brand awareness

    Promotional sales, company briefings, and product information are best delivered through a disclosed, professional email. After all, new and recurring customers have the choice to opt into these announcements and through some targeting and personalization tactics, businesses can increase their traffic, analyze metrics to see what’s working and optimize their time and budget effectively by organizing campaigns that will perform and reach well. It’s always best to work alongside a digital marketing agency to find an email strategy that will allow you to boost sales and build more prominent brand recognition! 

    Which of the three strategy suggestions above have worked wonders for your e-commerce business? Drop a comment below to share your experience with our readers.  

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