If you’re wanting to learn about Instagram marketing through the lens of a confident and balanced digital marketing agency, take some notes while you read through our professional industry suggestions. Everything you post about creates a way to engage with your audience and otherwise seek a connection within your community. So, as a business owner who’s consistently wanting to build meaningful relationships that allow your following to grow, you’ll want your company to bring life to the evolving pet industry, by successfully reaching consumers through the use of your Instagram platform. 


How do you effectively use hashtags? 

The best way that you can utilize your 30-hashtag limit is by conducting a simple search to see what’s already trending. There are some general pet-related hashtags, such as #dogsofinstagram/#catsofinstagram and #dogoftheday/#catoftheday, however, we recommend routinely looking up what niche hashtags are growing in your community and following them to see what your competitors are posting about. This will ensure that you’re tagging all the right hashtag combinations, while also keeping relevant to your business. 

Keep in mind that when it comes to digital marketing for the pet industry, you want your efforts to be noticed, which is why hashtags connected to millions of posts are not the most ideal. Instead, suggest aiming for smaller, more specific ones that target local pet businesses, dog walkers, groomers, pet stores, trainers, and even veterinarians. This will help your posts to be noticed and will also give you some insight into the people who’re also following these smaller, niche hashtags. Because who knows, maybe you can give them a follow and they may become enticed to follow you back? 

Follow the right hashtags 

While you could crazy following all the popular pet hashtags, this will not necessarily bring your business more traction, not to mention it would be an incredibly time-consuming task. That’s why you need to take a minute to think about who your audience is, what they do, and what they may enjoy. Try searching up some local community events that may interest them, become familiar with the area’s popular dog park, and really discover the vibe of your audience. Knowing what your potential customers are passionate about will help you to formulate content that can build long-lasting relationships with them through your Instagram channel. 

What is hashtag engagement? 

When a user comments on your Facebook post, you respond promptly or “like” their comment, so, when an Instagram user begins interacting with your account, it’s courteous if you to do the same with theirs. Begin by liking and commenting on their photos and even asking them a genuine question. Don’t force the relationship by pitching your service in a salesy way but instead use this as an opportunity to engage with their content and focus on community building rather than gaining a single follower. 

Where should you place your hashtags?

The placement of your industry-related hashtags comes down to preference, intuition and whatever works best for your business. While some people like to jam their hashtags into their post captions, others prefer to comment it down below. The fact remains that it really is your space to find out what style is pleasing to you. Although we do recommend that you tastefully layout your hashtags so that your audience can read and understand your message rather than struggle to see the text through a sea of hashtagged words. After all, when conducting successful digital marketing for the pet industry, the more compelling the written caption, the better. 

Did the above information spark some Instagram inspiration? Drop a comment below if you have further questions about Instagram marketing for your business.

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