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    Lagentia Digital Marketing Alternative

    Lagentia is a Digital Marketing Agency that prides itself on being experts in PPC and Display Advertising. Much like Trek Marketing, Lagentia are Google Adwords certified. However, unlike the PPC experts at Trek eCommerce Marketing, Lagentia doesn’t seem to be Bing Certified as well. That means when you hire the internet marketing dot net affiliated agency, you’re likely leaving a considerable amount of revenue on the table not to mention being visible to as many customers as possible. 

    The Internet Marketing dot com affiliated marketing agency posts very little regarding their success of their clients with just one case study that doesn’t show overly amazing statistics. However, at Trek Marketing Agency in Vancouver, we have a consistent track record of success. Having helped many clients exceed their revenue goals and achieve stronger and stronger results year over year. For example, Upscale Menswear saw a 45% Reduction in their Cost Per Click spend vs the year before and achieved an amazing return on Ad Spend of $5.52 for every $1 that they spent. With revenue returns almost guaranteed, it’s not difficult to see why we don’t just attract clients, we keep them and help them grow exponentially. 

    Then when you couple in amazing organic gains, there’s a lot more that Trek Digital Marketing offers an eCommerce business owner than the likes of Lagentia Digital Marketing Agency. Much like the Los Angeles based digital advertising agency, Trek uses a priority set of skills and knowledge honed and refined over the years of experience. We are a tech-driven digital marketing agency that pays attention to the numbers and provides detailed and clear analysis on how your PPC campaigns are performing as well as areas within your marketing that your business should look to address or attack. After all, unlike Lagentia Digital Marketing, our team is focused on helping you grow and achieve your goals, whether that’s to get a big promotion, to become a millionaire, or just simply to have a stable and repeatable business so that you have a more passive stream of income so that you can focus on building what really matters to you. 

    Our team is committed to staying on top of all the emerging trends in both organic and paid search and with our sister company, Numinix Web Development, there’s no problem too big or too small that we cannot fix. Some of our highlights include planning and implementing APIs, helping websites tackle difficult legal challenges, growing sites from day one to help them be profitable, and have continuous revenue streams year over year, and a lot more. Every member of the Trek Marketing team believes in being a reliable partner to your business so that when you need us, we’re always there for you.

    Whatever your goals, trust Trek to help you achieve them. 

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    How small businesses are keeping up with the revolution of digital marketing

    Digital marketing, like many technology-based fields, is constantly changing and evolving to keep up with the times, and as business owners, it’s paramount that you understand your reaching potential if you wish to stay ahead of the curve of your industry. While reading about various online strategies is a great start to grasp some understanding of digital marketing affairs, dipping your toes in efforts like search engine optimization, blogging, and social media are better ways to connect yourself with the outside world and increase your web traffic and conversions. 

    Adopting keywords in their website text 

    Whether business owners decide to take a stab at writing their own page content or they hire a professional digital marketing agency to handle the cultivation of some vibrant wording, it’s through the use of keywords that they’re able to compete with some more prominent names in the business. 

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing technique that uses determined keywords, in an increased quantity, to improve organic results for searches on a variety of online engines. This means that the more you use a popular word, phrase, or expression, the more likely your content will be able to crawl up search rankings and increase its visibility to potential customers. 

    Take some time to find out which words work well for your business by making a list and each time you write, use a few keywords and supplement them organically within the text. Keep in mind that while you want to use them as much as possible, it’s important to not make your content too wordy by overusing phrases to the point that the context doesn’t make sense, and therefore defeating the purpose of marketing altogether.

    Actively blogging helpful, informative content

    The more purposeful content you possess on your website, the easier it will be to establish your credibility and assert a certain degree of expertise within your industry. Just like we mentioned above, establishing keywords will allow you to achieve a more prominent search result position and when those keywords are sprinkled throughout informational content, it shows that you’re willing to share some knowledge without asking your customers for anything in return. This gives the impression that your brand is more than a store, but instead, a business that focuses on loyalty to achieve higher conversion rates. 

    While a blog is a space to let your creative juices flow, it’s also the area where you can engage with website visitors, while also giving them content that is promotional and shareable. Use it to tell a story that will draw in your target audience by evoking emotions, keep it mid-length, and ensure that the writing is quality and not just a juggled mix of in-depth how-tos! 

    Using the power of social media 

    Social media plays an important role in the life of most businesses and most people’s personal lives, which means that you should be utilizing its power to expand your reach. While providing you with a fantastic customer service tool, managing your social media channels is an easy, relatively inexpensive way for you to meet your potential customers on their level and start life-long relationships by becoming the go-to source for their individualistic needs. However, the key to social media is consistency, and when you don’t have the time because of your other business ventures, your audience is left out to hang, becoming disinterested by your lack of content. So, ensure that you’re always in the loop by sharing informational and helpful subject matter that’s mixed with some occasional advertising and promotions. Not only will this increase your organic growth, but it will build up your relationships with your community and establish a network that will payout in the future. Thus, if your life as a business owner has proved to be busy, consider hiring a professional digital marketing agency to handle your social media affairs by managing your channels and answering customer questions.

    Do you own a small business? How are you keeping up with your industry competition? 

    What core values do the top marketing companies share?

    The concept of core values is quite powerful and these little bricks of communication possess the ability to embellish the beliefs and work ethic of your digital media agency. So, if you’re hoping to attract an influx of clients and show off your shared vision as a brand, perhaps the first step would be to incorporate the following core values and align them alongside your brand. 

    What values should the foundation of your company be built upon?

    Whether you’re a new up-and-coming company looking for core-value inspiration or you’re a part of an older brand that requires a revamp, integrating as many of the below standards of business will help you to get closer to your goal of joining the list of top marketing companies worldwide. So, let’s examine which company values create long-lasting, successful, and motivating movements.  

    • Integrity: When an e-commerce brand or digital media agency maintain their moral uprightness and sense of unification, they’re upholding a strong degree of integrity that reflects the business as a whole.  
    • Boldness: Digital media agencies need to be prepared to take risks to exemplify a certain degree of confidence with their customers. 
    • Trust: Nothing will ever improve long-term for your company if the trust does not exist. It holds the most significant, marketable power and is a major focus for all mega brands. 
    • Accountability: While business owners enjoy the ability to control how their business is operating, a responsible digital media agency that offers the element of e-commerce ownership embodies the best representation of accountability. Remember to exercise your obligation to report, explain or justify something, but remain answerable and approachable for all your clients’ actions and results. 
    • Commitment: While going into business is a commitment on its own, mastering the skills that further company development goes a long way in the consumer world. Be sure to engage regularly with all of your clients. 
    • Passion: This element separates your agency from the rest! It’s essential to be a passionate organization that possesses strong ideas and believes in what they’re sell to business owners. Thus, this drive excellence often results in profitability and success. 
    • Fun: All work and no play will make you a boring digital media agency. Be sure to reach out to your clients to touch base and not just talk about their campaign successes. 
    • Ownership: Every client wants a marketing agency to stand up and take responsibility for the execution of an upcoming project. While this kind of ties into accountability, it’s portrays that you’re a leader in your industry. 
    • Continuous learning and improvement: It’s impossible to know everything there’s to know about digital marketing, which is why it’s imperative to show how your company is focused on industry changes and evolvements. Maybe you attend location seminars or workshops? Highlight this on your websites to show prospecting customers that you’re involved in the evolution of marketing! 
    • Leadership: Whether you make it your mission to achieve challenging goals, get things time quickly and efficiently or take decisive action when needed, it’s always good to outperform your competition, and inspire others in your field. 
    • Creativity: Since online advertising can often be considered subjective, you must keep your creative juices flowing. This means that you want to take the time to analyze the competition and find ways to top their ad campaigns. Keep in mind that the general public is subject to thousands of advertisements daily and you want to ensure that your target audience notices yours from the crowds. 
    • Quality: Go above and beyond to satisfy your customer’s expectations, but ensure that you maintain a level of quality along the way. This means that you’ll want to set the tone of your workplace culture by letting clients know when a deadline may not be feasible or suggesting to add to their budget to improve the quality of a campaign. 

    At Trek Marketing, we take a holistic approach to business and are steadfast in ensuring that your e-commerce business is performing well to maximize the return on your investment. Are you interested in being on the receiving side of all of the above core values? Then choose a digital media agency that will be dedicated to boosting your business!  

    Which core value is the most important thing you look for in a digital media agency? Drop a comment below to share with our readers. 

    Why hire a copywriter for e-commerce?

    If you’ve been on the fence about hiring a professional copywriter, you must read along and discover all the benefits that a qualified wordsmith can offer your online business. After all, aside from vibrant imagery, content is the next far-reaching element of your business page that should be hooking shoppers and encouraging them to carry out their prospecting purchases. Thus, when it comes to copywriting for online marketing you should be outsourcing this position to gain some heightened, credible attraction to your brand. 

    They possess professional writing training

    While every person has an assortment of admirable, special talents, not every individual possesses the ability to articulate themselves in a printed composition. In fact, while most people speak well, many aren’t able to convey their ideas or explanations without leaning on another literary equivalent. Whether this is due to lack of practice, or the absence of copious words knowledge to facilitate copywriting for online marketing, it’s evident that the skill of fluidity and word placement is not a strength that all possess. So, while you may strive to coherently describe your business services and products, a professional copywriter will better understand the importance of sentence structure and word-pairings and are far more likely to avoid the simple mistakes of the untrained eye. Not to mention they also have experience editing grammar and punctuation mistakes, something that you may second-guess due to lack of knowledge and know-how. 

    They write with your audience in mind

    We’ve established that writing, in general, is a unique art form, however, try putting your fingers to your computer keys and saying something that makes your brand develop its voice! It’s important to influence buyers by placing yourself in their shoes. What do they value? What encourages them to carry forth with a purchase? Why should they relate to your brand? Writing for an audience requires a certain degree of cohesive consistency, not to mention an expansive collection of ideas to target them at different angles. Everyone that reads your copywriting for online marketing should find a sense of belonging when they’re perusing through your content, regardless if it’s just product information. 

    You have more time to dedicate to other tasks

    Whether you operate a pint-sized business or a large company, time is of the essence! That’s why it’s essential to invest in smart partnerships that will benefit your e-commerce brand, while also enhancing the time you can dedicate to other important tasks. Copywriting for online marketing is already a long process that involves lots of research and editing, and for those who aren’t gifted with words, lots of extra time is spent re-reading and formulating cohesive sentences. So, instead of wasting your valuable time writing copy for your e-commerce site, how about better spending that time improving your company in other areas that fill a need in your business plan? 

    Here at Trek Marketing, we understand how beneficial having a professional copywriting is to the success of your entrepreneurial success and your future digital marketing campaigns. So, instead of spending the grueling time writing your content, we would be happy to give your brand the voice it deserves

    What do you love most about having someone else write your online content? Drop a comment below to compare with other readers. 

    How small businesses should aim to manage their digital marketing

    When the words digital and marketing are placed together inconsequential order, they refer to the innovative trend that delivers advertising through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. While there are insights and strategies that business owners and marketing professionals both follow, when you’re first starting out, your e-commerce business is likely focused on getting the word out and establishing a network within your niche. So, if you’re hoping to uncover the secrets and endeavors that grind the gears of a successful digital marketing scheme, the best way to approach the process is by researching as much as possible on the subject matter. This means that as a small business owner it’s your job to read anything and everything there’s about professional digital marketing

    Why professional digital marketing is important to small businesses? 

    Most businesses thrive through the use of professional digital marketing, but small businesses greatly need it to get noticed in the first place. After all, regardless of whether you’re entering an established industry or a new niche, if you want to become the focus of consumer attention and stand out from your competitors, you’ll need a digital marketing strategy to help you carry out your business goals. 

    Let’s face it! Shoppers are abundantly online on the hunt for the next product to make their life more simplistic and enjoyable. So, when you’re first starting out, you’ll want to establish your target audience so that you’re able to cater to various digital marketing efforts that are best suited to a particular demographic of people. Think of your ideal customer and assign an age range that you’re going to steer towards, then ponder whether their gender, cultural values, and interests play a role in how you will appeal to them. If you’re finding the basic efforts of digital marketing too complicated, a few dollars can go a long way towards your company’s success. Whether you hire an agency to create a Facebook ad or write your weekly blog submissions, all digital marketing can be carried out on a budget. 

    How should you start your digital marketing efforts?

    Digital marketing can be intimidating and confusing for first-timers, but the good news is that with a little guidance and patience, you can learn marketing tactics for your businesses by observing the way other businesses do theirs — run campaigns based on the season, orchestrate a sale around a major calendar event and toss around a few times of day to do your social posting and see what gets the most attention. This trial and error period has great potential to yield positive results and for those who don’t have the time to meddle with what-ifs, you can hire a professional agency to do the experimentation for you.  

    That being said, since digital marketing is a key brand-building tool, here are some ways that you utilize its potential. 

    • Start a blog.
    • Research industry keywords and use them in your content. 
    • Post regularly on a variety of social media channels. 
    • Make your own service/product videos. 
    • Optimize your website so that it looks good on both computer and mobile devices (If unsure, use a web developer for this task). 
    • Build an email list and send them as needed to drive sales and establish relationships with your shoppers. 

    Do you rely on the expertise of a digital marketing company to assist with your business? Share your first-hand experiences with our readers.

    Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

    If your business still isn’t using digital media for marketing, 2020 is the year to get started. While online marketing efforts have an assortment of benefits that allow your company to grow, don’t give up on the traditional marketing efforts that are already working well for your business. The key to advertising success lies with well thought out strategies and a coordinated budget that can juggle both online and offline opportunities. So, here’s how digital and traditional media differ and what exposure they need to be successful. 

    Digital marketing outline

    A simplistic definition of digital marketing is the promotion of a brand’s products or services through electronic media. An example of this would include developing a digital marketing strategy and using advertising mediums to promote business efforts through the internet by way of social media, mobile phones, and electronic billboards. And while this inventive business proclamation is relatively new, about 70% of consumers prefer it over traditional ad methods! 

    Digital marketing does well in contemporary society because so many people are spending their time online, whether it be on their way to and from work, on their breaks or simply while on the toilet. So, businesses need to connect to their target demographic by utilizing the power of social media, blogging, and emails. These advertising methods increase your online exposure and expand your overall visibility in a world where most business owners are experiencing cut-throat competition. However, while professional digital marketing is relatively easy and inexpensive, paying an agency to handle your affairs can give your business the perfect kind of traction it needs.  

    Traditional marketing outline 

    An effortless way to define traditional marketing is a kind of promotion or advertisement that companies use during the early period of a particular product or service. This would include print advertisements, billboards, flyers, pamphlets, TV advertisements, newsletters articles, and radio commercials. In addition, traditional marketing also covers direct mail postcards, brochures, and flyers that are sent through postal mail. On a positive note, 79% of households admit that they read or scan direct mail advertising! 

    Traditional marketing has become a costly advertising source, providing very little direct communication with your consumer audience. However, it does allow you to broadcast your message in a particular publication to cater to those who have an interest in your industry. Although, the main throwback to traditional is that it’s more of a one-and-done strategy that more times than not, has shoppers reading it and tossing it out afterward. 

    What are the favored tools for each outlet?

    Professional digital marketing relies on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to get the word out. They may also rely on WordPress as a blogging platform and e-commerce foundation. Video and high graphic images work well on all the following digital marketing channels and have a strong ability to influence consumer decisions. 

    When it comes to traditional marketing, newspaper ads, direct mail, postcards, magazine ads, and even exerts in the phone book as the time-honored ways businesses once got customer attention, however, while this type of classic marketing adheres to a high degree of trust in older demographics, it’s missing out on the growing opportunity to progress with modern marketing technologies. 

    When do you think traditional marketing outweigh digital marketing? Drop a comment below to share. 

    How Should Your Company Be Preparing for Black Friday?

    If you’re stumped on how to market for the holidays, you’ll want to purpose the following tips to easily plan out your seasonal marketing campaigns. After all, Black Friday success is best measured on the culmination of creative, strategic audience development and how well you can carry out your efforts leading up to the big Thanksgiving Day long weekend. So, it’s time that you opened your mind to some digital marketing options that’s pretty much guaranteed to heighten your conversion rates. 

    Prepare as early as possible

    As silly as it sounds, large-scale, e-commerce brands start their holiday preparations at the end of August because as soon as Halloween is over, the following two months are jam-packed with sales, promotions, and social media and email campaigns. So, if you want to start cashing in and taking full advantage of how to market for the holiday season, you’ll want to get a head-start next year by mapping out your plans for American Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Hanukkah, Christmas, Boxing Day, and Kwanzaa. Keep in mind that some of these celebratory days can be combined into one marketing campaign, such as “Thanksgiving Blowout Sale, all weekend long” because the days are inconsequential order one after another. 

    Build up your audience

    Black Friday shopping is all about zeroing in on your target audience to get them hyped up for the holidays, so, obviously, we suggest that weeks prior to your sale you work on building your customer list. People are less likely to make a purchase, even if you have a killer sale if they’re unfamiliar with your brand. That’s why it’s super important to extend your trust to savvy shoppers and cultivate their interest using social media marketing, email marketing and even blogging. This will give you a more direct line of communication and is a relatively inexpensive way to ensure that your messages are reaching the right people. 

    The key to whisking your audience away using social media and emails is to carry out campaigns and plan ahead to see how well your customers respond to your digital marketing efforts. If done skillfully, you’re able to extract value from the above tactics including repeat sales, word-of-mouth referrals, and an engaged audience. However, if you’re looking to get started on an email list or wanting to branch out to unknown social media channels, a professional digital marketing agency can ensure that you’re marketing content that your clientele will enjoy! 

    Have a simplistic checkout experience 

    While this digital development needs to be coded well in advance to ensure that it will be functional, we do recommend improving the checkout experience before you think of promoting a Boxing Day sale next month. When a user is convinced to click on your website, they’re already driven to make a purchase, however, even great prices aren’t enough to keep them from abandoning their checkout process. That’s why it’s essential to reduce the amount of time that’s needed to check out a customer cart, creating a simplistic experience that will translate to a higher conversion rate. 

    Will your business be running any year-end, holiday sales? Drop a comment below if you’re wanting some assistance with your upcoming campaigns.

    Gobble up these 4 Thanksgiving-themed marketing tips

    November is a busy time of year for digital marketing agencies and the businesses that they manage, though it’s probably because there are so many holidays that are stuffed into the mix — Remembrance Day/Veterans Day, American Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. So, with so much going on it’s important to take a moment to pick and choose which seasonal holidays you’re going to focus your energies on, because, let’s face it, it’s rather difficult to juggle them all. That being said, if marketing for Thanksgiving is your projected winner, here are some tips we recommend using in your strategy carrying into this month. 

    Market your products with the season

    It isn’t hard to curve the appeal of your products during American Thanksgiving, especially if you use the right wording as an elevated part of your strategy. For example:

    • If your business sells clothing, put some Thanksgiving dinner outfit ideas together.
    • If your business sells perfumes and candles, market essences that exhibit cinnamon, pumpkin or any woodsy scents. 
    • If your business is decor-based, market some products that could be used for Thanksgiving centrepieces. 
    • If your business sells toys, position your content to market how your selected products work well to entertain kids while dinner is cooking. 

    Keep in mind that when you’re marketing for Thanksgiving or any holiday for that matter, it’s always best to promote across all your channels, including your varied social media accounts and informative newsletters. If time is a considered factor, have a marketing agency do the work for you. 

    Use all the hashtags

    Since you’ve chosen to go with a themed strategy, the next step would be to use and create hashtags to engage with your social media followers. You could ask them to drop a comment on your Thanksgiving-inspired products by asking them to share their favorite memory (#thanksgivingthoughts) or even by inspiring them to share what they’re most thankful for (#givethanks). Be sure to post a mention coordinating to how you’re thankful for their support and continued business. 

    Create some custom, Thanksgiving-themed content

    If you want your marketing efforts to be noticed, we recommend using a little Thanksgiving inspiration when you’re crafting your content. This means that you can utilize your blog to self-advertise some products, while still keeping to the seasonal theme of being thankful, indulging in family time, and pigging out on a delicious, wholesome feast. Think of how your products connect to the subject of Thanksgiving, research industry keywords and also be sure to include undertones that feature seasonal words like harvest, pilgrims, feast, and thankful. 

    Have a sale!

    A lot is going on in November, but it’s also the month where you start your preparations for December’s holiday festivities. So, by hosting a flash sale to promote celebrations this month, you’ll also be able to tease customers into taking advantage of your last sale before the holiday season. You can even position your marketing efforts to include a blurb about how awesome your products and services would be as a holiday stocking stuffer or how easy it would be to just start ticking away at their shopping lists. Even 10% can be enough incentive for potential customers to carrying out their purchase, especially if the sale is for a limited time only. 

    Do you know any other Thanksgiving marketing tips that customers would gobble up? Drop a comment below to inspire other readers.

    3 Things to Consider for An International Digital Marketing Strategy

    Are you looking for the right information to scale your digital marketing strategy to an international level? While traffic and profitability are given attributes that will validate your company’s potential to grow across waters, some elements may need to be tweaked to increase your popularity as you grow. That’s why you should analyze the following three components to help you reach your business goals. 

    Use the right marketing methods

    When it comes to investing in your digital marketing strategy, one of the most important things you can do is spend time selecting the most effective and appropriate advertising methods. While some are simply fundamental, others will depend on the type of business you’re running. Let’s discuss some advantageous digital marketing tools that could be favorable for more international opportunities.

    These two are a must, regardless of the type of business you’re operating: 

    • Search engine optimization: allows you to embellish your online presence. While working to achieve a highly searchable ranking is your main objective, it’s also about putting information out there about your business, products, and services. 
    • Social media marketing: is another digital business fundamental that plays a huge role within the consumer market. Since so many people use their social accounts daily, you should be taking this as an opportunity to deliver your marketing messages. 

    Here are some tools that can be added to your digital marketing strategy as your business prospers and grows: 

    • Content marketing: allows businesses to post publishable content that promotes brand awareness, supports search engine optimization keywords, and asserts them as a leader in their industry. The best part is that content comes in an assortment of mediums including, blog articles, videos, memes, images and even diversified text across their website. 
    • Email marketing: is sending marketing materials through email. This can include promotions, informative resources or product information/newsletter. 

    Since all digital marketing methods are time-consuming, consider hiring an agency to handle the campaigns for you. 

    Build relationships

    If you’re hoping to build your company on an international scale then you need to ensure that you’re taking the time to make your customers feel appreciated. These connections can be harder to make when you don’t have the opportunity for intimate, in-person experiences with those who support your business and its products or services. So, the question is, how can you make your customers feel special? A great way to start is by answering their inquiries professionally and promptly. This is because addressing complaints and questions in a timely fashion shows that you have a sense of interest in your business deals and reassures potential or returning shoppers that you’re focused on their needs. After all, first impressions create lasting relationships and contribute to successful business ownership. 

    Monitor and evaluate business decisions 

    Success in international waters is very reliant on measuring the performance of your digital marketing strategy, monitoring your campaigns and evaluating your next course of action. That’s why it’s important to always be updated on what’s happening with your business and to record your progress so that you can make sure that you’re spending your money on the right digital marketing efforts. After all, what you put into your digital marketing strategy should result in increased brand awareness and a bump in sales over time. 

    Do you have any other tips that may help entrepreneurs with their international digital marketing strategies? Drop a comment below to share.

    Utilize These Actionable Copywriting Techniques to Improve Your Digital Marketing

    Proficient writers are always looking for ways to expand their skills and those who’re designated composition tasks for e-commerce businesses need actionable writing techniques if they’re going to gain the attention of an online audience. The general population is exposed to numerous advertisements every day, so the ability to create engaging blogs, social media posts and newsletters can be troublesome. That’s why you must learn new approaches if you’re hoping to gain traction with your editorial content. Let’s learn how to correspond professionally to meet the needs of contemporary copywriting for digital marketing

    #1 Know your audience

    While we probably sound like a broken record when we give you this advice, writing is all about the reader and they need to be your focus point when you’re crafting your copy. If you aren’t able to pinpoint a definitive audience, start by anticipating the values of the type of people that might be reading your stuff.     

    #2 Make a plan

    While it may seem like most writers simply dive into creating longhand scribbles, good writers will take the time to make a plan before beginning the process. This could include a small brainstorm, research on some crafty words that they would like to include or even a brief outline to use as a resource while they’re writing the copy. We can assure you that your introduction will be rewritten multiple times if you start your content before a foundation is in place. 

    #3 Quick edits are a no-go 

    Most people think that an aspiring copy takes a demanding amount of time to write, but the truth is the editing process will consume some of the biggest chunks of your writing time. We all make mistakes and while the intention is for your copy to flow fluidly with a sense of concise clarity, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and punctuation flaws have the power to stop your readers dead in the tracks trying to comprehend your translation. What’s even more frustrating is that their trust in you as a writer, and in the brand that you’re writing about, can easily be swayed in another direction based primarily on lack of editing. 

    #4 Use headings in copywriting for digital marketing

    Headings allow writers to craft an exponential amount of copy while keeping it organized on the page. Avid readers will enjoy the white space that headings bring to the copy, while potential customers will use this as a way to scan through the general concept of the writing. It also helps you to construct your copy based on priority, keeping the most important information at the top just in case your readers never make it fully through. 

    #5 It’s all about the energy

    Lively content yields great power in the world of digital marketing. That’s why we encourage copywriters to use lots of verbs to pivot the points in each sentence. Not only are these actionable words super punchy, but they’re the best way to sell products and services. Just be sure that the verbs you use apply to your audience, directing structurally complicated words at the right demographic. 

    You can also rely on these imperative tips if you’re copywriting for digital marketing: 

    • Avoid exclusionary words: These could be job titles that imply gender. (ex. Police officer vs. policeman). 
    • Avoid jargon: The overuse of relative phrases can often become meaningless. 
    • Own your work: Don’t start sentences with “I suggest”, instead, write confidently and command your audience with transitions such as, “I recommend. 
    • Use the Oxford comma: Business writers love this stylistic piece of punctuation to add consistency and clarification to the writing. 
    • Avoid redundancy: The same verb modifiers, again and again, make your writing boring and repetitive. Perhaps consider using an online thesaurus to familiarize yourself with fun, new words that have similar meanings. 

    Are you ready to tackle a piece of copy? Drop some tips below if you have some advice to offer our readers.