Do you struggle with planning and executing emails? Is it challenging for your business to execute emails that stay relevant? If this sounds familiar, chances are you haven’t scaled your email campaigns to be more effective for business and its subscribers. Delve deep into the professional email marketing services that we offer here at Trek Marketing to learn more about why you should get on board with agile email marketing. 

What is agile email marketing?

While most entrepreneurs know that email marketing is a digital strategy that businesses use to send commercial messages to a select group of people through email, agile email marketing is a more focused approach that’s flexible and adaptable to change. It focuses on using data given by subscribers to curb which email each customer receives. This modular process is known to be more effective for both traffic and conversions.

The agile methodology is a project management process that started in software development, giving teams the flexibility to adapt and respond to changes quickly and efficiently. This allowed everyone to improve and innovate their client’s needs to ensure that they were beating out their market competition. 

While many traits allow agility in your professional email marketing services, these three processes are most effective:

  • A strong focus on customer needs
  • Data-driven marketing decisions
  • Collaboration across all members of the marketing team

In other words, agile email marketing allows business owners to prioritize their emails and maximize team resources to ensure that each email has a clear goal and the ability to change on a dime if needed. 

Why is agile marketing important for your business success?

You can’t just wave a magic wand and have successful emails. Behind the scenes, there’s a lot that goes into completing each email from conception to hitting the send button. However, the nice part about agile email marketing is that it allows you to be more fluid with the creation process. For example, traditional professional email marketing services use linear steps and won’t move forward without completing the step that comes before. This means that the coded design would come first, then the copy, and lastly the imagery. However, with agile email marketing, you’re better able to attune to your subscribers’ needs and pivot at a moment’s notice. This allows your business to deliver its highest value of work by remaining relevant and invest in the wants of customers. This type of campaign success usually lies in having a foundation that consists of a team of people who perform professional digital marketing services for your brand on an ongoing basis.

How can you make your email workflow more agile?

Those who are now wondering how to go from a linear email workflow to an agile one can follow the steps below: 

  1. Get a team with the right tools in place: A successful email marketing campaign begins with a strong foundation. The biggest cornerstone, however, is a team of well-rounded individuals that possess a variety of relevant skills to create and send fantastic emails (ex. Copywriting, design, and analysis). 
  2. Align on the strategy: Being on the same page and working towards a common goal are huge parts of what makes a successful email campaign. This means that the development, copy, and design should be aligned to avoid any miscommunication or confusion. To ensure things are kept on track, a goal should be defined from the get-go, next comes the content strategy, and last in the hierarchy is the email’s copy and images.
  3. Be sure to collect feedback: Constructive criticism should never be overlooked. The key to building a successful email marketing strategy is to collect feedback and make changes to future campaigns that will draw in more interest, clicks, and purchases. 

Do you have any other questions about how to make your email marketing strategy more agile? Drop a comment below to connect with our team. 

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Alex Wilks has been working as a copywriter and digital marketing strategist since 2018, with added specialties in social media and email marketing. With a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and Communication, she is a natural content writer with the ability to connect well with her target audience.

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