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    How do you create a content game plan for your business?

    content marketing

    Content marketing has become an important integral part of a successful business. Sharing high quality, relevant information has the ability to help your brand develop a relationship with your audience by establishing authority in your industry. Once you determine who you are communicating with and how, then you will be able to effectively distribute your message across your social media platforms.

    What is content marketing?

    This type of marketing strategy is all about creating and sharing online material to promote your brand, as well as stimulating interest with your audience. Content marketing can include:

    • YouTube videos
    • Blog posts (either curated from other websites or managed by your social team)
    • Pictures (either curated from subscriptions or custom created using editing tools)
    • Quotes
    • Academic articles
    • Fun Facts
    • Memes
    • Infographics

    Keep in mind that your content can be repurposed and used across all your social media channels.

    What does content marketing do for your business?

    Content marketing has the potential to increase the sales of your business and create a relationship with your target consumer market. This type of marketing game plan is not just another opportunity to push your product or service on your customer, but simply about finding a relation to your customers by providing them with relevant, enriching information. Although your agenda is still the same, to sell your business, content marketing strategically drives customer purchasing by providing a more focused, valuable approach. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a good meme or some fun facts to start their day off?

    How do you come up with a content marketing game plan?

    This game plan intertwines directly with a much larger plan, your social media strategy. However, like any plan, brainstorming ideas and setting goals is the first step towards successfully launching a one that will work for your growing business.

    Step 1: Figure out who your target audience is.

    Step 2: Set goals that you hope to achieve within a certain timeline.

    Step 3: Establish a voice for your brand.

    Step 4: Find out which social media platforms will work best for your growing company.

    Step 5: Build a content calendar to manage what will be posted at specific times.

    Step 6: Decide who will be in charge of managing your social media. Don’t have the time? Have someone from our team do it for you!

    Do you have any other tips for developing a content marketing game plan? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.

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