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    How small businesses are keeping up with the revolution of digital marketing

    digital marketing revolution

    Digital marketing, like many technology-based fields, is constantly changing and evolving to keep up with the times, and as business owners, it’s paramount that you understand your reaching potential if you wish to stay ahead of the curve of your industry. While reading about various online strategies is a great start to grasp some understanding of digital marketing affairs, dipping your toes in efforts like search engine optimization, blogging, and social media are better ways to connect yourself with the outside world and increase your web traffic and conversions. 

    Adopting keywords in their website text 

    Whether business owners decide to take a stab at writing their own page content or they hire a professional digital marketing agency to handle the cultivation of some vibrant wording, it’s through the use of keywords that they’re able to compete with some more prominent names in the business. 

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing technique that uses determined keywords, in an increased quantity, to improve organic results for searches on a variety of online engines. This means that the more you use a popular word, phrase, or expression, the more likely your content will be able to crawl up search rankings and increase its visibility to potential customers. 

    Take some time to find out which words work well for your business by making a list and each time you write, use a few keywords and supplement them organically within the text. Keep in mind that while you want to use them as much as possible, it’s important to not make your content too wordy by overusing phrases to the point that the context doesn’t make sense, and therefore defeating the purpose of marketing altogether.

    Actively blogging helpful, informative content

    The more purposeful content you possess on your website, the easier it will be to establish your credibility and assert a certain degree of expertise within your industry. Just like we mentioned above, establishing keywords will allow you to achieve a more prominent search result position and when those keywords are sprinkled throughout informational content, it shows that you’re willing to share some knowledge without asking your customers for anything in return. This gives the impression that your brand is more than a store, but instead, a business that focuses on loyalty to achieve higher conversion rates. 

    While a blog is a space to let your creative juices flow, it’s also the area where you can engage with website visitors, while also giving them content that is promotional and shareable. Use it to tell a story that will draw in your target audience by evoking emotions, keep it mid-length, and ensure that the writing is quality and not just a juggled mix of in-depth how-tos! 

    Using the power of social media 

    Social media plays an important role in the life of most businesses and most people’s personal lives, which means that you should be utilizing its power to expand your reach. While providing you with a fantastic customer service tool, managing your social media channels is an easy, relatively inexpensive way for you to meet your potential customers on their level and start life-long relationships by becoming the go-to source for their individualistic needs. However, the key to social media is consistency, and when you don’t have the time because of your other business ventures, your audience is left out to hang, becoming disinterested by your lack of content. So, ensure that you’re always in the loop by sharing informational and helpful subject matter that’s mixed with some occasional advertising and promotions. Not only will this increase your organic growth, but it will build up your relationships with your community and establish a network that will payout in the future. Thus, if your life as a business owner has proved to be busy, consider hiring a professional digital marketing agency to handle your social media affairs by managing your channels and answering customer questions.

    Do you own a small business? How are you keeping up with your industry competition? 

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