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    How to make your social campaigns more festive for St. Patrick’s Day

    While St. Patrick’s Day was first celebrated as a means of commemorating Christianity in Ireland, it has since evolved into a celebration of culture and heritage everywhere. Whether you enjoy grabbing a pint of Guinness, eating up some bangers and mash, or simply indulging in the traditional sound of Celtic music, the holiday is a great way to engage and entertain your audience with vibrant marketing ideas. Here are a few that we recommend if your social campaigns are lacking festive assets. 

    Run a promotion where customers can save some “green”  

    If you’ve been looking for a great way to segway into a sale, St. Patrick’s Day could be your business’s perfect opportunity. Not only is this festive occasion super lucky, but since it’s one where gifts aren’t needed, it’s a time where shoppers can reward themselves instead. One of the easiest ways to advertise an upcoming promotion is via social media. Whether you want to create and share a St. Patrick’s Day graphic or advertise a product that also happens to be green, there are many ways that your business can keep your audience engaged (and entertained!). 

    If you aren’t confident in your ability to shamrock-and-roll a brilliant St. Patrick’s Day campaign, Trek Marketing can assist you will your social media marketing management for this holiday and any upcoming events. 

    Host a St. Patrick’s Day giveaway or contest 

    Everyone loves a good freebie! As a business owner, contests are a great way to engage with your audience and gain train that will increase your following. While advertising your giveaway on your website is bound to create hype, we also recommend sending out an email and posting about it on your social channels for quicker and easier exposure.

    Your social media marketing management team will encourage you to include some rules that are directly beneficial for your business such as: must be following all social media accounts, must like and save social media posts, must comment and tag friends on social media posts to gain entries, and for additional entries, please share the post on stories. This creates the ultimate traction among all applicants and gives their friends an option to follow you as well. Be sure to also include contest dates and let followers know that unfollowing the account(s) will exclude them from future giveaways. 

    Post behind-the-scenes photos and videos

    Whether you take a few snaps of your team packaging post-promo orders or a couple of clips of your warehouse, these types of behind-the-scenes content give customers a better understanding of how you coordinate your business, helping to build strong relationships with customers and leads. This is especially important whenever there are holidays and you can show off your festive workspace! 

    Harness the power of “reactions” on Facebook

    There was a time when users could only select “like” on Facebook content, however, now there are six additional ways that they can respond: “love”, “angry”, “haha”, “wow”, “sad”, and more recently, “care”. These reaction buttons harness a lot of value for businesses as they allow brands to gauge the interest or feelings about how their followers are reacting to a particular topic. If you’re finding lots of “angry” or “haha” reactions to relevant, important content, perhaps it’s time to consider social media marketing management in your strategy budget. 

    Which of the following suggestions did you find most useful for the upcoming holidays? Drop a comment below and let us know.

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