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    How to use social media marketing to boost brand awareness

    boost brand awareness

    The general population is bombarded every day with so many diverse advertisements that it can be hard to create impressionable content that will stick. This is part of the reason that so many businesses rely on targeting their niche audience by building brand awareness through social media. After all, while each person has the opportunity to like and follow company pages, they will only engage with brands that attract a similar mindset. It comes down to catering your business to find the right people who can relate to your content and it’s a battle of quality over quantity.


    How do you find your market?

    If you’re hoping to boost brand awareness you should find out how to reach your target market through the use of social platforms. Each social site has a search engine that can be used to track conversations about your industry, the products you sell or your specialized services. So, the best way to lead your target audience to your brand is by engaging in these conversations and getting a feel for the audience before you start directly reaching out. This can be made a fundamental step in your social media marketing campaign. 

    Get visual

    Now that you know who your prospecting customers are you need to get creative with your content and start producing alluring visuals that will entice them to read and click. The feeds of popular social media channels are noisy, filled with hundreds of eye-catching videos, peer photos and aspiring quote graphics, so if you want your content to grab the attention it deserves, you’ll need to start attaching images to your posts to get in on the competition. 

    Try your best to get conversational 

    It’s always a good practice to monitor your social feeds for comments and personal messages. Whether a customer has a problem with a product or service or they simply had something to say about your recent posting, striking up a conversation through mentions or further engagements can help you to establish a following and increase your clickthrough. 

    Leverage the trends

    The thing about trends is that they’re monumental and popular one minute, but if you turn away and blink, you may have missed your opportunity to cash in on their interest. That’s why it is increasingly relevant to keep your eyes on trending news stories, memes and other social content of heightened intrigue so that when something grabs the attention of the media, you’re able to add it to your channels to cling to it “in the moment”. 

    Track everything you do

    To boost brand awareness, you need to know where your efforts are proving to be successful and where they need more work. That’s why measuring everything you do by tracking your content will help to provide you with some noteworthy, engagement statistics. While certain social channels provide insights to business profiles, you can wage this by using URL shorteners to track your web analytics and show you who’s buying, when they’re buying, how much they bought and which campaign received the most traffic. 

    Which tips will you be using to boost your brand awareness? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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