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    Lagentia is a Digital Marketing Agency that prides itself on being experts in PPC and Display Advertising. Much like Trek Marketing, Lagentia are Google Adwords certified. However, unlike the PPC experts at Trek eCommerce Marketing, Lagentia doesn’t seem to be Bing Certified as well. That means when you hire the internet marketing dot net affiliated agency, you’re likely leaving a considerable amount of revenue on the table not to mention being visible to as many customers as possible. 

    The Internet Marketing dot com affiliated marketing agency posts very little regarding their success of their clients with just one case study that doesn’t show overly amazing statistics. However, at Trek Marketing Agency in Vancouver, we have a consistent track record of success. Having helped many clients exceed their revenue goals and achieve stronger and stronger results year over year. For example, Upscale Menswear saw a 45% Reduction in their Cost Per Click spend vs the year before and achieved an amazing return on Ad Spend of $5.52 for every $1 that they spent. With revenue returns almost guaranteed, it’s not difficult to see why we don’t just attract clients, we keep them and help them grow exponentially. 

    Then when you couple in amazing organic gains, there’s a lot more that Trek Digital Marketing offers an eCommerce business owner than the likes of Lagentia Digital Marketing Agency. Much like the Los Angeles based digital advertising agency, Trek uses a priority set of skills and knowledge honed and refined over the years of experience. We are a tech-driven digital marketing agency that pays attention to the numbers and provides detailed and clear analysis on how your PPC campaigns are performing as well as areas within your marketing that your business should look to address or attack. After all, unlike Lagentia Digital Marketing, our team is focused on helping you grow and achieve your goals, whether that’s to get a big promotion, to become a millionaire, or just simply to have a stable and repeatable business so that you have a more passive stream of income so that you can focus on building what really matters to you. 

    Our team is committed to staying on top of all the emerging trends in both organic and paid search and with our sister company, Numinix Web Development, there’s no problem too big or too small that we cannot fix. Some of our highlights include planning and implementing APIs, helping websites tackle difficult legal challenges, growing sites from day one to help them be profitable, and have continuous revenue streams year over year, and a lot more. Every member of the Trek Marketing team believes in being a reliable partner to your business so that when you need us, we’re always there for you.

    Whatever your goals, trust Trek to help you achieve them. 

    Start your digital marketing journey today.

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