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    Mistakes to avoid when writing your own web copy

    professional copywriting

    One of the most effective ways to reach a new or prospective audience is by putting words to screen or paper. Aside from capturing consumer interest, copywriting is an artful way to deliver important messages that will appeal to the reader’s needs and desires. Although it may seem rather simple to effectively communicate professionalism and intrigue, there are so many ways in which sentences can be read and without a marketing professional on your team, who knows what mistakes you could be presented with. 

    Writing for everyone instead of targeting your copy

    Our individual needs and interests are unique to our personalities and since we’re all attracted to a variety of products and services, it’s important as business owners to orchestrate website and advertisement copy that will translate to the audience that you’re hoping to target. The primary goal of copywriting is to render essential communication that appeals to a mass audience. This could include offers, discounts, and promotions, industry-relevant news, or company updates. However, while the transmission of the information is necessary, it’s more significant that it resonates with its targeted crowd and sparks a positive reaction that motivates the prospective shopper to take action. So, instead of writing a generic paragraph to appeal to everyone that could potentially read it, write for those who’re already well-immersed in your market.

    Focusing too much on the promotion of products 

    While you should use both online and offline spaces to market your business’s products, it’s one of the biggest pitfalls that business owners get consumed by. Yes, good copy should capture the attention of potential customers, but focusing too much on the “thing” you’re selling isn’t as aspiring as the emotional connection to your brand that your audience craves. That’s why you should remember to use writing as a way to attract attention to the aspirations of your company, including the products and services, versus just listing their attributes. 

    Impressing yourself rather than the audience

    One of the many drawbacks of writing your own copy is remembering to take a step back and look at your product or service from a different vantage point. You obviously already love, admire, and believe in it, or else you wouldn’t have invested the time and effort into your company’s operation. So, it’s key to focus on speaking the language of the consumer, investing the time and resources into listening to their questions and concerns, and know what they’re looking for on their buying journey when you’re crafting compelling copy. 

    Trying to do it all yourself

    Unless you’re a trained expert, one of the biggest mistakes that business owners make is trying to write everything themselves. Professional copywriting is a skill that takes time and practice, and even after many years of application writers will still split up their tasks and have others review and edit their work. This is because we tend to oversee our mistakes, and with timelines and pressing delivery schedules rushing writing assignments, it’s very easy for inaccuracy. 

    What’s the best way to combat an oversight in your e-commerce marketing? Hiring a professional to craft high-class copywriting that can communicate the values of your business, of course! Working with a writer has never been easier, and many are happy to lay out a content-plan and clearly communicate what their future writing strategy will convey. 

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