The Challenge

The Digs Showroom website had undergone a substantial refresh, which was designed by web development company Numinix. The average order value had increased slightly year over year, but we believed that the site could be doing more.

How We Helped

Many of the site pages and product pages for Digs Showroom were targeting keywords with low search volumes and some of the products would have performed better in other categories. Ensuring the site was targeting high-quality keywords, where the products were in the best category for them to be found, and that the site met modern on-page SEO best practices.

The Results

All stats for (August/2019 – October/2019 VS 2018).

  • 22+%

    Over 22% Increase in Organic Traffic

    Digs Showroom


    Note: Actual values are confidential
  • 182%

    182% increase in Revenue

    Digs Showroom


    Note: Actual values are confidential
  • 106%

    106% increase in Average Order Value


Other Marketing Highlights

  • 71% increase in the number of page sessions
  • 25% increase in the number of transactions