The Challenge

How do you help a seasonal business ensure that its website traffic and sales are spread out throughout the year? That’s the question we looked to answer for Nightmare Toys, who historically had traffic and sales peaks in April and in the weeks leading up to Halloween. 

How We Helped

Nightmare Toys’ main customers do not buy solely at Halloween and in Spring. Instead, they purchase collectibles and figures all year round—often when new products are launched. By increasing the web visibility of the Nightmare Toys’ website, we can turn one-time visitors into recurring customers. Also, by increasing the backlink profile and domain authority to the Nightmare Toys site, as well as improving on-page content through SEO and blogging, the website has continued to gain traction and increase in visitors.

The Results

All stats for (August/2019 – October/2019 VS 2018).

  • 68%

    68% increase in Organic Revenue (year-over-year)

    Nightmare Toys


    Note: Actual values are confidential
  • 163%

    163% increase in New Organic Visitors

    Nightmare Toys

    PPC Spend & ROAS

    Note: Actual values are confidential
  • 24%

    24% increase in return on ad spend


Other Marketing Highlights

  • Double the amount of transactions
  • 7% increase in Conversion Rate overall