The Challenge

Upscale Menswear’s website has been operating for over 8 years but the traffic had remained stagnant and in some cases had declined slightly since 2015. So, due to increased competition, the website was struggling to make an impact on the search engine results pages.

How We Helped

Utilizing modern search engine optimization techniques as well as top-of-the-line ad copy, we helped increase their organic positioning as well as ROAS. We did this by ensuring their website loads as fast as possible, has informative and enticing on-page copy, and targets conversion-oriented Search Engine Queries through its blog as well as webpages.

The Results

All stats for (August/2019 – October/2019 VS 2018).

  • 87%

    87% increase in organic revenue

    Upscale Menswear


    Note: Actual values are confidential
  • 94%

    94% increase in unique purchases

    Upscale Menswear


    Note: Actual values are confidential
  • 1500%

    1500% increase in transactions


Other Marketing Highlights

  • 43% increase in organic sessions
  • 30 seconds longer per session
  • 45% Reduction in Cost Per Click
  • Return on Ad Spend – 5.52:1