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    social media marketing ideas

    social media marketing ideas

    Like any marketing tool, social media management requires constant upkeep. It’s not just simply planning ideas and themes, but also making posts stand out in feeds and enticing consumers to respond. The following social media marketing ideas act as CTAs (calls to action) for subscribed followers and appeal to new users as well.

    Invite your audience to share

    Ask and encourage your audience to share photos of how they use your products. It’s a great way to learn what products are most popular and if consumers are looking for additional variations, or even have critical opinions.

    International Data Corporation predicts that over 50% of marketing content will most likely be user-generated by 2020. With almost everyone takes photos of seemingly anything that catches their interest on the daily it evokes some kind of sentiment. It’s an organic means to use what people already enjoy doing.

    Go live

    Live video is another terrific strategy for engaging social media content that retains customer interest and keeping followers coming back for more. Build anticipation by announcing your plans the day before or within a few hours of starting.

    Also consider the following:

    • AMA (ask me anything) session
    • A tour of facilities
    • Showing how a product is made
    • Showing how you shop for ingredients or materials

    Create unique and memorable hashtags

    There’s nothing wrong with using common hashtags as part of your social media marketing ideas, but don’t shy away from creating your own original ones. Incorporate slogans, product names and unique descriptions into these metadata tags and then repeat them throughout Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts. Also try to work them into emails to increase branding and establish phrases that consumers associate you with.

    Spark conversations with polls and surveys

    Polls and surveys show your audience that you listen to and value their opinions, thoughts, and suggestions. It’s a strong component of how social media can help your business by strengthening relationships with customers and making you more than just another company to like. Asking followers to vote on product features (“Do you prefer this dress in blue grey or dove grey?”), or ideas (“If you could vacation anywhere, where would you wear our shoes too?”), will also encourage sharing and tagging.

    Tell us what your vision is to boost customer engagement, then let our social media marketing services help get you there!

    Which idea do you feel works best to entice engagement? Tell us in the comments section below.

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