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    Social media marketing: The importance of two-way dialogue

    the importance of two-way dialogue

    the importance of two-way dialogue

    The emergence of social media has created an opportunity for businesses to engage with their consumers online. These social media platforms have allowed brands to interact with their target market without actually speaking to them face-to-face. Although this method may seem a little futuristic for some people, it’s important to remember that how we choose to communicate is constantly changing.

    The vast development of social platforms has allowed companies, located anywhere in the world, to spark intriguing conversations with their consumers by understanding the importance of using two-way dialogue.

    What does two-way dialogue do?

    Two-way dialogue allows e-commerce businesses to build online communities, create brand ambassadors out of their customers and increase the positive visibility of their brand.

    Not only does two-way dialogue within social media provide you with the opportunity to provide damage control immediately online, but it is the fastest growing means of conversation.

    What are the benefits of using two-way dialogue?

    • It allows a human-to-human connection: Unlike a one-way conversation where a company dominates the narrative, two-way dialogue allows communication to flow more gracefully between the brand and the consumer.
    • It shows off your brand’s personality: Two-way dialogue within social media allows you to show off a certain cultural humor. By posting memes, responding directly to customer complaints or comments and posting photos for your followers to comment on, you are creating a brand personality that will resonate with your customers.
    • Gain insights into the consumer: Whether you like it or not, the online world can be a mean, miserable place. With that taken into consideration, engaging with your consumer, whether they provide you with positive or negative feedback, is a crucial way to gain insight on how you can improve your customer service and your business overall.

    Just take advantage of social media. If you’re able to get your social media followers interacting, you’ll have an opportunity to build important connections with the people that love your brand.

    We would love to hear about how you’re reaching out to your consumers. Share your strategies in the comments section below.


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