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    Starting off the year with a few hotel digital marketing tips

    digital marketing for hotels

    digital marketing for hotels

    Digital marketing for hotels is constantly evolving with the times. This ever-changing online landscape requires business owners and their marketing counterparts to constantly tweak their strategies in order to remain edgy and up-to-date within their niche. With an emergence in social media technologies it’s always important to have your eyes on new trends, but it’s even more essential to focus your energy on the marketing tools that will empower you to entice your target audience to click and share. Start by trying out these tips when it comes to developing digital marketing for hotels.

    Optimize your website

    It’s paramount to ensure that all of your content possesses strong SEO (search engine optimization) in order to engage with a far-reaching crowd — this will help your hotel appear organically in the search engines of potential customers. Start out by performing an online audit to ensure that you understand your current online marketing efforts. If you do not know how to do this, a professional digital marketing team can assist you by recommending designs and approaches that will increase your ROI (return on investment).  

    Ask yourself questions. Is your site easy to navigate? Does your copy have clear call-to-actions that assist potential guests through their booking journey? All these of pointers help you to fill your website with clear, concise and advantageous information that makes it not only invaluable to book on, but also a positive experience.

    Understand that hotel digital marketing is competitive

    Once you ensure that your website is up-to-speed in terms of design, development and content then you want to start setting achievable goals for yourself as a business owner. It’s meaningful to understand that you’re in a very competitive industry and although your website now performs great, will it compare to more recognizable hotel booking web pages?

    Know who your competitors are and visit their websites periodically in order to compare how they engage with guests. Use this as an opportunity to see where they may be failing to connect with them and try to find ideas on how you can outperform them in the future. Ask yourself, “how do our digital marketing efforts differ?” and try and adapt your strategy to its fullest potential.

    Use social media marketing

    The power of modern-day social media, especially when it comes to anything travel related, is a huge means for businesses to reach their target audiences. Hotels create a message, that message is shared on various social media channels, consumers receive the message, consumers relate to the message, consumers feel empowered to book and the customer lifecycle repeats itself. Just make sure that your social media interactions are delivered in a way that makes your customers feel valued in order to increase their awareness with your hotel brand.

    Other marketing methods

    Now that you understand the world of digital marketing for hotels, you can try these other tips as a means of promoting your business.

    • Embrace your specialization: What makes your business so special? Maybe it’s the location, the fact that it’s an older building or it is surrounded by breath-taking views?
    • Target your niche: Although you’re running a hotel, maybe there is a niche that you develop on to promote your digital marketing?
    • Reward customer loyalty: Perhaps once your guest has checked out, you can send them an email requesting a quick review of their stay. This gives them an opportunity to provide you with rewarding feedback and maybe, in turn, you can give them a special voucher to use during their next stay.

    As always, if you need help in the field of digital marketing for hotels, remember to reach out to an agency that will help you keep on top of the latest hotel trends and campaigns.

    How do you keep on top of your digital marketing? Tell us in the comments section below.

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