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    Why You Shouldn’t Overlook the Power of Pay per Click Advertising

    PPC advertising

    There are so many methods available to market your online business. While blogging, sending newsletters and spreading the world on social media all prove to be effective cranks turning the wheel towards audience awareness, one of the most advantageous marketing techniques is pay per click (PPC) advertising. Not only does PPC advertising take a close look at your current business objectives, but it will also determine which media channels you’re getting noticed on and will target how to reach your buying consumers. After all, doesn’t it make more sense to pay for an advertising technique that only charges you once a customer has actually noticed your endorsement?

    What is PPC advertising?

    Also known as cost per click, PPC advertising is an internet advertising model that is used by marketing companies to direct traffic to websites. The best part is that the advertiser will only pay the publisher if the ad was clicked on. So, essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your business website, rather than trying to obtain those visits in a more organic way.

    Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC advertising because it allows advertisers to bid for ad placement in the search engine’s sponsored link section. This is determined by selectively choosing relevant keywords that are related to the business or product offering. By getting ahead of organic search results you’re asserting your position as a leader in your industry.  

    What is Google Ads?

    Formally known as Google AdWords, this PPC advertising tool enables businesses to create ads that will appear on Google’s search engines. It operates as a pay-per-click model, which means that every time a search is initiated, Google will pull a few winners from their database to appear in the ad space in the search results. The winners are chosen based on a combination of factors, including the quality of their chosen keywords as well as of amount that they bid. It’s basically an auction to determine which businesses will be seen first.

    Why should you take advantage of PPC advertising?

    • Budget-friendly: Full-on ad campaigns can be expensive and require money allocation before they roll out. PPC advertising allows you to set a small to medium budget and then analyze how your campaign is performing. If you’re starting to create traction and making money, then you can slowly start investing more into your marketing budget.
    • Keywords: PPC advertising helps you determine which keywords are appearing in your industry and allows you to use those words to also create organic traffic.
    • Targets your audience: PPC advertising has the power to help your conversion rates by targeting the audience that’s actually interested in your product or service to click-through to your website. If they click, chances are you’re drawing in the right people.

    Are there any other ways in which PPC advertising is beneficial to business owners? Share your comments with our readers below.

    How do you create marketable holiday themed content?

    content creation

    Happy holidays everyone! Before you become completely occupied with the anticipation of unwrapping your gifts and indulging in roast turkey and all the fixings, we want to help you get into the festive spirit… marketing style. Now, although the holiday season is almost over, a new year is upon us, and there will be plenty of other holidays for you to embellish your creative side in the months to come. So, let’s have some fun with your holiday-themed content creation. In fact, here are a few ways that you can stay relevant in your industry, engage with your audience and create timely, developed content for your business.

     Content creation that is easy to understand

    Whether you decide to post engaging memes or custom themed images, the text is equally as important as the image and should be clear and concise. It’s important to start off with developing a creative connection. For example, if you were posting something about the holiday season, then you would maybe discuss which of your products would make great stocking stuffers. However, it’s important to really drive home that connection. Since people are constantly scrolling through their news feeds and glancing at a little of everything, you want to make your content hard to ignore.

    Content creation that is relatable

    Once you make the connection between your brand and the holidays, then you want to make your content relatable to your target audience. It’s only human nature to automatically tune into messages that you feel a connection too. Creating content for customers who already value your product or service is a good start, but try and draw them in with something that is thought provoking and relatable.

    Content creation that mimics the spirit of that season

    Every holiday has a certain festive spirit to it. Whether it’s something that many families do or certain colours they decorate with, it’s important to mesh your content with the vibe of that holiday season. Christmas is cozy and a time for giving, Valentine’s Day is a time for love and Romance, while Halloween is all about making everything spooky. Consumers love any excuse to get excited about any upcoming holidays or festive events.

    Content creation that includes a call-to-action

    Never forget the notion that holiday-themed content is timely and needs to be effectively spread a few weeks before the celebration. To create a larger impact when you share holiday-themed content, we recommend including a call-to-action in your posts. Whether you start a poll asking about people’s favorite beers to drink on St. Patrick’s Day or you ask a question about which of your products would make the best Christmas gift in your blog, showing off your brand’s personality sports true creativity and allows your consumers to feel connected to your company.

    How have you built your content creation to embellish the holidays? Tell us in the comments section below.

    3 Reasons to Never Overlook the Power of Email Marketing During the Holiday Season

    email marketing

    Email marketing is incredibly advantageous around the holidays. In a technological age where almost everyone is connected to a device on a daily basis, emails have the power to spread the word to your target audience much quicker than any non-digital marketing strategy. While email marketing can sometimes overwhelm potential customers, it also has the ability to allure them with impressive sales and convincing bylines. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and email your customers about your boxing day sale or the start of a 2019 promotion.

    If our little introductory paragraph wasn’t convincing enough to get you on-board, here are a few reasons that should have you head-over-heels for email marketing.

    Portable email inboxes

    With the development of smartphones and the forceful inclusion of data on most phone plans, people have their email inboxes where ever they go. This is a beautiful thing for e-commerce business owners who are trying to market new products and services or an upcoming sale. No one is ever truly offline.

    Combine marketing strategies

    While email marketing is effective on its own, combining your efforts with other digital marketing strategies, such as social media marketing or content marketing, can make your digital marketing strategy much more effective. If you don’t have the time to manage all of your campaigns, hiring a professional to do it for you can really help take the load of and allow you to dedicate your time to different areas of your business.

    Emails build relationships

    Email marketing is a very reliable way to reach potential shoppers during a time of year where everyone is scrambling to fulfill a shopping list. This is because people have opted to receive your newsletters to let them know about anything important that’s going on within your company. While posting to Facebook is a great tool as well, not every follower will actually see your all of your posted content. In comparison, emails are sent directly to the inbox of every person that is subscribed which is a much easier way to build trust within your customers and get the word out there about the fantastic products or services you have that gift receivers would love to get as a gift during the holidays.

    Do you know any other benefits of doing email marketing? Tell us in the comments section below.


    The ultimate guide to holiday marketing

    holiday marketing

    In the world of business, the holiday season is probably the craziest time of year for sales. Naturally, that means that marketing to potential online shoppers becomes essential from October through to the New Year. With the rise in online shopping most e-commerce business owners take advantage of holiday marketing which can make it very difficult to stand out from your competitors. That being said, as a online retailer you need to strengthen your marketing strategies this time of year in order to make yourself noticed during the holiday rush, boost your sales and meet the expectations of your consumers. Here are a few helpful ways that you can make that happen.

    Offer free or discounted shipping

    Advertising free or discounted shipping is very good method to use when you’re trying to attract shoppers. The holidays can be daunting for many consumers, especially when it comes to fitting their shopping needs into a particular budget. Offering them free shipping is a very good way to encourage them to carry through with a purchase, while discounted shipping, if they live far away, can also seem like a reasonable exchange for a buy-worthy product.

    Start marketing for the holidays as soon as you can

    Most experienced e-commerce business owners have already started holiday marketing, but for those of you who are just starting to get the ball rolling ensure that you are dedicated to advertising your products or services in the coming weeks. Pre-plan and schedule your social media on all your channels, start pumping out newsletters outlining your sales and holiday gift suggestions and keep your blog up-to-date and informative for shoppers that want a little read while passing through.

    Bombard the social world

    Pre-planning and scheduling on your social channels are a good start, but bombarding the social world is much more effective when it comes to increasing your online sales. Many shoppers wait until the absolute last minute to make their holiday purchases which can be beneficial for last minute marketing strategies. Highlight on social media why your product or service would make a great gift, make a meme about last minute shopping deals or simply share some photos of your products gift wrapped and ready to ship. Image-worthy content has the ability to draw in shoppers who can see themselves handing off your product to their loved ones on Christmas morning.

    Drive shoppers to click-through to checkout

    Send a personalized email to shoppers that added products to an online shopping cart but abandoned it prior to purchase. This holiday marketing tactic will remind shoppers about the items that they were interested in buying and also gives you a chance to issue further price reductions if they carry through with their purchase within a certain time-frame. This gentle reminder may help your customers make a purchase.

    Are there any other last-minute methods you use to market your business around the holidays? Tell us in the comments section below.

    How do you market a pet business?

     marketing a niche business

    As an e-commerce business owner you’ve probably learnt a lot about the everyday struggles, advantages and disadvantages of certain marketing techniques, but have you gained any insight into marketing a niche business? Like many niche businesses, pet e-commerce websites have their own set of marketing strategies, content techniques and a range of business decisions that have the ability to benefit and grow their business. That being said, since there are never enough hours in the day, we’ve crafted a few helpful suggestions to help you with marketing your pet business.

    Review and update your webpage

    When was the last time that you scrolled through your website and refreshed the information available on it? Sometimes a simply rewrite of your biography, a couple new photos and an update to your personal information will go a long way in attracting new, prospective customers.

    Review your marketing strategy

    Creating an effective marketing strategy for a pet business doesn’t need to be a tedious task… all it takes is a little imagination, a few set-in-stone goals and the attitude to see it through. Start by figuring out a few achievable goals to focus your energy on. Next, figure out how to reach your ideal audience — maybe you’re not on the right social media network? Lastly, figure out your business strengths and focus on how you can use them to capitalize the revenue of your pet business.

    Pre-schedule your social media posts

    Social media has the power to reach a vast group of people in a very short period of time. So, it would be silly not to utilizate as many platforms as you can manage when you’re marketing a niche business. Promote your business using a combination of memes, videos, pictures, quotes and customized texts that promote sales or special offers. Then pre-schedule it to ensure that you keep an active presence online without allowing social media to take over your probably already busy business schedule.

    Encourage customer reviews

    Testimonials have the ability to skyrocket the success of any e-commerce business. When pet parents are deciding where they want to make their purchases, they will often read customer reviews to find out more about a product or service. Since trust is one of the most important factors, especially for a pet service provider, a glowing review on your webpage or social media channels will really help potential customers find their way to your online shopping cart checkout.

    Try sending newsletters

    Email marketing is one of the best ways to use your marketing budget. Sending out newsletters allows you to promote new products and sales, stay in touch with your customers and offer your supporters special, exclusive promotions. Regular, bi-monthly newsletters that are well-written, catchy and concise will show your customers that you’re dedicated to providing them great service.

    If you need help with any of the marketing techniques above, it’s best to contact a professional that can get you started on your marketing journey.

    Do you have any other questions about marketing a niche business? Let us know all about it in the comments section below.

    Email Marketing for Your Ecommerce Business

    ecommerce email marketing

    Digital marketers are always on the lookout for new, cost-effective ways to connect with customers, but one method that has stood the test of time and that continues to produce results is email marketing. It is a robust tool that enables businesses to acquire, engage, and retain customers. If you are an ecommerce entrepreneur looking to integrate ecommerce email marketing into your broader digital marketing strategy, here are three ways you can do so.

    Acquisition Emails

    Companies send acquisition emails with the specific purpose of convincing a potential client who has expressed interest in a product to convert. Your email can encourage them to try out your products or include a compelling offer that will entice them to purchase your product, thus increasing your sales.

    Here is an example of an ecommerce email marketing email that urges the subscriber to start a free, three-month trial. The email has a clear call-to-action (CTA) and as the customer scrolls down, it outlines the benefits of becoming a paid client, such as receiving personalized music recommendations, getting access to the latest songs from around the world, and more. Since the trial is at no cost to the customer but still allows them to experience the paid service, if they like it, they are likely to convert.

    Apple Acquisition ecommerce email marketing

    Email Newsletters

    Email newsletters are an excellent way for companies to keep subscribers connected to and engaged with their brands. Whether you’re sending out a timely email about a recently-launched product that your customers would be interested in or you’re emailing a helpful list of gift ideas for the holidays, email newsletters keep your customers connected to your brand, which means that you are top of mind when they are ready to purchase.

    This Indigo newsletter, for instance, does not directly focused on selling to the customer, but rather provides them with valuable information that will help them pick books as gifts. It provides suggestions based on the personality of the person the subscriber is shopping for, such as thrill seeker, hockey lover, foodie, romantic, etc.

    Indigo ecommerce email marketing

    Promotional Emails

    Promotional emails can increase conversions by enticing the email recipient to make the purchase. By including a limited-time offer they cannot resist, not only can you increase the likelihood that a potential customer will convert, but you can also encourage customers who have previously purchased your products to order again or try out a new product. In other words, promotional emails help you retain customers, in addition to getting new ones.

    Take a look at this ecommerce email marketing example from Origins. It offers the subscriber a coupon code for 20 percent off almost everything that can be used during a short time-frame and features a clear CTA. By creating a sense of urgency, they tap into the client’s fear of missing out.

    Origins Promotional ecommerce email marketing

    How does your ecommerce business use email marketing to drive sales? Tell us in the comments section below.