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    3 ways to diversify your hotel marketing strategy?

    hotel marketing strategy

    The best part about operating a business within the travel and hospitality industry is that since we’ve entered an era where people are extremely co-dependent on foreign getaways, your business has a greater opportunity to thrive and be noticed.  While the opportunity to vacation abroad has always existed, for many people in contemporary society it was always beyond reach because of commitments like buying a home and starting a family. However, the dawn of this new era has unhinged an assortment of growth and opportunities for hoteliers worldwide. So, in order to keep up with the fast pace of the industry, you’ll want a strong, digital hotel marketing strategy in order to steer potential go-getters in your direction. Here’s how to get started.

    Customize and personalize your hotel brand

    With the technological development of social media, travelers are always on the hunt for an “Instagram-worthy” experience that extends beyond the traditional, cookie-cutter one that their peers may have already done. That’s why it’s incredibly important for you to capitalize on this concept when you’re formulating your hotel marketing strategy. This means that you should ensure that all of your digital marketing posts and campaigns highlight an assortment of authentic experiences so that your hotel seems like an edgy choice. Not only does this bring focus to the top things to do in the area, but you’ll also want to mix in some personalization when you’re trying to target a particular audience. For example, if you’re seeking out a millennial audience it’s best to connect with them by showing pictures of amenities such as a rooftop view or an attraction, such as a booze cruise, that can be easily added to their booking. However, if you’re targeting a more seasoned age range, perhaps highlighting relaxing luxuries like the pool and bar area would be a strong marketing tactic to try. Keep in mind that you want to represent your brand in a way that caters to all demographics in order to show that your hotel space is a spot that’s suitable for couples, families, business people and retirees.

    Get social

    We’re sure by now that you know how the power of social media has the ability to take a simple brand or idea and spread it vastly across the social sphere. So, why are you not taking advantage of this opportunity? You have the ability to can climb Google ratings through the use of marketing methods like SEO and also, by joining popular social channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you’re able to gain access to a wider range of consumer demographics. This will allow you to establish a concrete sense of authenticity and build a solid foundation with your customer relationships. After all, engagement is one of the most advantageous ways to build trust within your brand and since all your competition is already on-board, it’s about time that you started getting social.

    Don’t forget about mobile devices

    The ability to browse and book through the use of your mobile is one of the most important ways for today’s travelers to find out about your business. After all, many potential customers are searching for hotel accommodation, carrying out bookings, receiving confirmations and tracking accommodation addresses and deadlines through the use of their booking website or app. That’s why it’s essential for your business to have a responsive website that’s easily available on all mobile devices. However, don’t forget about developing your traditional interactions as well!

    Are there other ways that you can diversify your hotel marketing strategy? Please drop a comment below to join the conversation.