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    How to successfully market for vape companies

    Since there are strict regulations that reduce the options available for digital advertising on vape products, you aren’t able to pay to get ahead on organic searches or to appear on the feeds of popular social media channels. So, whether you’re an e-cig business looking to increase your online presence or a digital marketing agency hoping to add a new industry to their portfolio of expertise, continue reading to learn about how to successfully optimize an e-cig website to market to the masses. 

    Invest in a search engine optimization service 

    For those that don’t know, a professional search engine optimization service should include the following elements: website structure analysis, content analysis, website code optimization, onsite content, and other off-page factors. While there is a lot of work that can be done over time with this service, we recommend heavily investing in the optimization of the online store so that it can appear high in organic searches. This would include keyword research and ensuring that all of the content is unique to elevate the shopping experience. 

    As a starter, here are some popular current keywords for the vape industry: 

    • e-cigs
    • electronic cigarettes
    • Vapors
    • vaper
    • Vaping
    • ejuice/e-juice
    • eliquid/e-liquid
    • vaporizers
    • electronic vaporizer

    Ensure the company has a Facebook page

    Just because the type of vape-related content that can be posted is quite limited, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a company page to regularly post content and engage with your/your client’s followers. Since it can be challenging at times to come up with posts that boost a brand while following Facebook guidelines on prohibited content, you can consider utilizing this channel as a means of connecting to customer’s hobbies and interests while also maintaining a presence that can be engaging through polls, giveaways, and discussions. After all, just because Facebook may not want to take money to advertise vaping, it doesn’t mean they have banned the discussion altogether. 

    While you’re at it, be sure to join e-cig related discussion groups as another means of promoting the online shop strategically avoiding an outright promotional post.

    There are also Reddit communities for vaping

    As another branch of social media marketing, you or your digital marketing team can join a vape-related subreddit to spread awareness of vape culture and perhaps spark a discussion about your flavours or e-cig gear. 

    Here are some popular forums that are active: 

     Opt for email marketing 

    Email marketing remains to be a paramount digital marketing tactic spanning a variety of niche industries. So, whether your business or client is excited about sending informative content or wants to use e-newsletters as a method for offering discounts, you will need to start by building a list and encouraging social followers and current customers to subscribe using their emails. 

    Whatever digital marketing tactics you use, it’s important to get closer to your audience if you hope to grow your business. Are you ready to speak with a digital marketing agency that has experience working with vape companies? 

    What other ways have you found success digitally marketing e-cig businesses? Please share your expertise in the comments section below.

    SEO-related issues that cause search rankings and traffic to drop

    Many reasons can lead to a drop in a site’s search rankings and traffic, with everything from technical on-site issues to off-site SEO issues and other external factors. Whether you’re currently experiencing an issue or you want to prevent it from happening in the near future, we recommend reading this blog and using it as a checklist for diagnosis. That way when you’re ready to invest in a search engine optimization service, you will see the value and work that goes into getting your website noticed!

    On-site issues that cause rankings to fall 

    The way your page is optimized has a huge impact on its ability to rank well. The following on-page ranking factors can affect your website’s search: 

    • Your site needs updating: It’s crucial to keep your website up-to-date to remain competitive in your industry. Updates could include fresh content, revised backlinks, or even web development and optimization efforts
    • Lack of content: On the whole, a shortage of content provides very little value to your readers, especially if you’re lacking to utilize the power of pages and blogging to assist your SEO strategy. 
    • Removal of traffic-driving content: While it makes sense to remove duplicate and irrelevant content from your website, be sure that you don’t remove anything that is currently driving traffic. It’s a better use of your time to take care of technical SEO, such as which pages aren’t receiving traffic, rather than thinning out your more masterful pieces. 
    • You’ve recently updated your website: A new website design is usually quite good for your web traffic. However, its crawlability and indexability will face issues if you don’t remember to perform redirects. 

    Off-site issues that cause rankings to fall

    The following off-site ranking factors can affect your website’s search: 

    • Links have been removed from sites: Check to make sure you haven’t dropped any links if your traffic starts to slow down. Webmasters often clean up their links and analyzing these removals will help you to prevent a severe drop in your ranking. 
    • A site linking to you went down: If a website goes down permanently, the traffic you received from that site is likely lost. Truth be told, there’s no way for you to prevent or protect yourself from this happening. You just need to be on top of replacing that site with another one if it ever comes up. 
    • Sites linking to you have a drop in their traffic: If the site that has your links is penalized or removed from Google’s index, you will receive a loss in your traffic as a result. This is why ongoing link acquisition is crucial! 

    How do you go about tackling any or all of the above SEO-related issues?

    Before your company can consider hiring a professional to carry out a search engine optimization service, it’s important to know what it includes. Why not start your venture by delving into the custom strategy offered by Trek Marketing, which will be laid out for you upon completion of your free SEO audit?

    External changes that impact your site beyond your control

    There is an assortment of other external factors that could impact your search rankings and traffic, including:

    • Featured or rich snippet changes: If you have a snippet driving traffic, your traffic will drop significantly overnight if the SERP changes and no longer displays that snippet. 
    • Audience search behaviour changes: Your target audience changes over time, which is often a result of consumers keeping up with trending products and services. Aside from whatever is current, be prepared to switch up your SEO strategy for seasonal changes as well. 
    • Errors on the server side: Issues with servers not being able to properly serve a website puts your search ranking in trouble. Google won’t recommend your website as the answer if it’s having difficulty for a significant length of time accessing your website. 

    Do you know of other factors related to SEO that directly affect your search rankings and traffic? Drop them below to start a discussion.

    How to build SEO resources for your e-commerce business

    Whether you’re looking to build the perfect set of SEO resources for your e-commerce business or you’re wanting to research the methodologies used by many search engine optimization services before committing to the help, we’re here to share with you the framework that’s needed to establish your ideal SEO strategy. Continue reading to learn more about the process and some awesome terms that could help you as you move forward. 

    How can you steer towards success using search engine optimization (SEO)?

    Search engine optimization services aim to improve the quality and quantity of website traffic to an e-commerce web page directly from search engines. Since this realm of digital marketing targets unpaid traffic rather than direct or paid traffic, it requires an orchestrated effort from within a team of skill sets to get your business noticed. Since the greatest challenge of SEO is not knowing how to properly optimize your website, our digital marketing agency offers an in-depth search engine optimization service that has solutions for both on-page and off-site issues. 

    After all, the success of your SEO strategy is dependent on how well your team can execute a higher search ranking based on the improvement of the following efforts: 

    On-page SEO efforts:

    • Page layout optimizations
    • SEO Audits
    • Page speed optimizations
    • Fixing broken links*
    • Schema markup*
    • Optimizations for voice search
    • The creation of engaging content*

    Off-site SEO efforts:

    • Local Directories and Listings
    • Claiming Missed Opportunities
    • Public Relations
    • Guest Posting

    Let’s dive into the scope of some of the above areas to see why they are so critical for your business’s SEO strategy. 

    Why is link development essential? 

    The reason that link development is such a big part of the success of your SEO strategy is that its authority metrics are the backbone of search engine algorithms. The biggest part of link development involves finding and fixing broken links, but link acquisition is also important and looks very different from brand to brand. When looking at this area, your SEO strategist will take the time to improve your backlinking, which will increase your site’s authority by getting other websites to link back to you. 

    How can you boost your SEO by using schema markup? 

    Schema markup is code that you place on your website to help search engines return more informative results for users. When a prospecting shopper searches a key term on a search engine, the scheme markup will tell the search engine results page (SERP) to display added microdata in the form of a small snippet that may help the user to determine if they want to click based on the provided information. For example, if you’re looking to rent a room at a nearby hotel and search the phrase, “hotels available near me”, a collection of options will appear and the schema markups may include prices for certain upcoming dates. Not only is this extremely helpful in driving traffic, but schema markup ensures the quality of users coming to your site. 

    What’s SEO content and how does it help improve your ranking?

    The creation of any type of unique, engaging website content, with the strict purpose of attracting more search engine traffic, is what you can expect when your SEO strategist starts working away at building up your content. 

    Below is a list of some of what will be done to SEO your web content: 

    • Keyword research: Before any writing can commence, your SEO strategist will need to spend some time researching your niche market to see which keywords currently exist and what their search volume is.
    • Keyword optimization: This is the process of writing content with maximum searchability using those keywords.
    • Content Organization: Content within your website will need to be organized in a logical way to help visitors navigate your site and stay there longer. 
    • Content Promotion: This process will increase the visibility of any new content shared via social networks and/or link building on external websites. 

    Are you ready to have a chat with one of our SEO strategists? Drop any further questions in the comments section below, along with your email address if you wish to be contacted right away.