Developing continuous, high-performing email marketing campaigns can be a challenging task for any business owner. While on the surface, an email seems to be fairly straightforward, there are many fundamental aspects in its foundation which can make the process of completing a successful email complicated. However, with a professional email marketing strategist to get your e-messages off on the right foot, you can focus your attention on establishing other plans for your e-commerce business! 

You need to effectively target your audience

The people who’re most likely to be interested in your content, products, and services are the ones that you want subscribing to your email list. Aside from using the most traditional targeting strategies, such as advertising and media marketing, you’re also able to craft email lists which will allow you to further segment your audience and personalize their engagement. This creates a granular balance between mass emailing and effective targeting.  

The key to targeting your audience rests with the amount of time and resources that are put into improving their response, and depending on your industry, the best way for you to cunningly draw in prospecting shoppers is through the help of a professional email marketing strategist. Targeting the right audience requires testing and if you have never used audience segmentation, it will be challenging to determine which members of your mailing list are opening their emails and purchasing and which have a low engagement history. A professional email marketing specialist understands the basics of audience segmentation and will first look at your email performance before setting a baseline for the metrics, such as evaluating subject lines, offers, send timing, call-to-action, etc. Over time, the driving tactics will be identified, allowing you to split up your subscribers into different lists that offer a better-targeted value. For example, informational emails for those who regularly open and sales-oriented newsletters for those who click but are often less persuaded to hop onto the website. 

Crafting relevant and engaging content is your ticket to success

Whether your favourite part of email marketing is the writing content or you enjoy creating graphics that grab the attention of your audience, this pointer should resonate with you as a business owner. So, once you’ve got your audience in mind and some lists have been created, you can get to work on constructing newsletters that flaunt a compelling composition relevant to your email recipients. 

For those who struggle to put on their marketing hat and develop a great email that will check all the boxes — interesting copy, exciting subject lines, and generous offers — then it’s important to hire a professional email marketing strategist to develop the right content and drive your audience to shop. You can work together as a team to determine what matters most to your audience and find a way to fill that need by delivering content with value. Keep in mind that there isn’t one single strategy within content development and for you to keep delivering emails that perform, you will need to continuously tweak your focus to appeal to your changing audience. 

Have you ever heard of email list hygiene? 

First and foremost, the objective of your campaigns is to have the email delivered, which is why maintaining a clean email list is an important part of your email marketing strategy. People change jobs, switch emails, and stop using the address altogether and some recipients may even continue to receive your emails but flag them as spam. All of the above activities will negatively impact your campaigns, which is why updating your list regularly can prove to be an effective way to boost higher response rates. 

What did you learn about high-performance, professional email marketing that you didn’t know before? Drop a comment below to share. 

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Alex Wilks has been working as a copywriter and digital marketing strategist since 2018, with added specialties in social media and email marketing. With a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and Communication, she is a natural content writer with the ability to connect well with her target audience.

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