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    Which holiday shopping persona are you?

    Holiday shoppers and e-commerce businesses have a lot of commonalities — saving money, obtaining and/or selling high-quality products, and having the process be as breezy as possible. So, at a time where festivities are in full swing, it’s important for retailers to know how to appropriately target shoppers with the right amount of consumer confidence to carry out their purchases. Typically, this kind of insight can only come from overviewing potential shopping personas so they can be individually targeted! 


    The cautious consumer 

    People work hard for their money, so when it comes to spending it, many devote their earnings to products that they have engaged with before. This is what professional digital marketing companies refer to as, cautious shoppers. These consumers are at a very impressionable stage where they’re still uncertain of your brand and are commonly careful about making new purchases — alas, they’re still willing to make a change in their priorities. As an e-commerce brand, this means that you will need to market using communication that shows responsibility and focus on content that may align with their values. This type of shopper is a long-term planner and engagement will be the key to hooking them. 

    Loyalty with the brand

    While it’s your job as an e-commerce business owner to establish yourself as an industry leader, it’s also important for you to create a sense of brand loyalty. Retailers that create relationships with their consumers are planting a seed that could keep those shoppers coming back for years to come. That being said, if you’re the type of shopper who knows exactly what you like and continue to go back to that same source, regardless of the prices or promotions available, then you’re a brand loyalist. The best way for businesses to target loyal customers is through email or using key social channels to post about new inventory and products that they may be retiring. 

    The held-up shopper

    This persona embodies people who postpone their shopping experiences, meaning that money isn’t necessarily the factor that holds them back from pursuing a purchase. So, if you’re the type of person who needs to grab a gift for a loved one or you’ve been avoiding the time-consuming task of sorting through your emails on the hunt for a must-have product, then you’re a held-up shopper who waits until the last possible moment to carry out your purchases. So, if you’re an e-commerce business looking to send out relevant campaign content, your key to targeting this group of individuals could be highlighting fast delivery options, giving a last-minute angle that makes buying with you worthwhile. 

    The bargain hunter 

    If you’re the type of shopper who patiently waits for promotional sales only to immediately swoop in and check out your online shopping cart that was abandoned a week before, then you’re what professional digital marketing companies call a bargain hunter. This means that while you may enjoy a particular brand, you’re devoted to whichever business gives you the best bang for your buck and are always anticipating ways that you can save on your order. Interestingly enough, if an e-commerce business is wanting to target this type of shopper, they will need to assume this behaviour and use specific content to reel in these consumers. So, one of the best ways that you can fetch yourself some bargain hunters is by sending out a newsletter or advertising through your social channels when you’re conducting a site-wide sale or discounting certain products. 

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