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    How can link building benefit your business?

    Increasing the amount of valuable inbound links to your webpage is incredibly beneficial, which is why you should consider reworking your search engine rankings through link building. This marketing tactic can be used to boost the attention of your e-commerce store. With over 5 billion Google searches per day, there’s huge potential for your business to gain awareness and even increase conversions. While the growth can take time, traffic to your e-commerce business will start to flow through the benefits of link building. Here’s how:

    Boosts visibility 

    A link that trails back to your website through the use of another authoritative site makes users more inclined to click on it because it was found through a trusted source. Providing a hyperlink amongst relevant content is one of the many benefits of link building that helps to boost your business visibility. So, if you’re looking for a surefire way to strengthen the reach of your brand and increase visitors to your website, it’s important to grow your backlinks. 

    Build brand authority 

    If you want to be your target market’s go-to source for information and high-quality products, you must establish your e-commerce site as the business that has it all. This means that you’ll need to assert yourself as an industry leader by establishing a connection to your audience. But how are these connections formed? One of the benefits of link building is that you’re able to write authoritative content that provides backlinks to your website, setting your business up as a useful source of information. So, if you want your business to continue to grow, be a thought leader in your industry. 

    Earns credibility 

    Consumers don’t just buy from anyone, so you’ll want to credit yourself as a business that they can trust. That’s why building a rapport with your audience should be one of your main objectives. While you can use social media and newsletters as a means of offering valuable insight into your business, one of the benefits of link building is creating content that your audience will enjoy and likely, read and click. Integrating links within your content gives you the power to earn credibility with your audience, asserting yourself as a knowledgeable business owner that’s committed to solving their problems and sharing your years of insight and experience. 

    If you’re looking to up your linking strategy, our SEO management team can help build your backlinks through internal linking optimization. 

    Are there any other benefits of link building that you can think of? Drop a comment below to share your thoughts. 

    How to use social media marketing to boost brand awareness

    The general population is bombarded every day with so many diverse advertisements that it can be hard to create impressionable content that will stick. This is part of the reason that so many businesses rely on targeting their niche audience by building brand awareness through social media. After all, while each person has the opportunity to like and follow company pages, they will only engage with brands that attract a similar mindset. It comes down to catering your business to find the right people who can relate to your content and it’s a battle of quality over quantity.

    How do you find your market?

    If you’re hoping to boost brand awareness you should find out how to reach your target market through the use of social platforms. Each social site has a search engine that can be used to track conversations about your industry, the products you sell or your specialized services. So, the best way to lead your target audience to your brand is by engaging in these conversations and getting a feel for the audience before you start directly reaching out. This can be made a fundamental step in your social media marketing campaign. 

    Get visual

    Now that you know who your prospecting customers are you need to get creative with your content and start producing alluring visuals that will entice them to read and click. The feeds of popular social media channels are noisy, filled with hundreds of eye-catching videos, peer photos and aspiring quote graphics, so if you want your content to grab the attention it deserves, you’ll need to start attaching images to your posts to get in on the competition. 

    Try your best to get conversational 

    It’s always a good practice to monitor your social feeds for comments and personal messages. Whether a customer has a problem with a product or service or they simply had something to say about your recent posting, striking up a conversation through mentions or further engagements can help you to establish a following and increase your clickthrough. 

    Leverage the trends

    The thing about trends is that they’re monumental and popular one minute, but if you turn away and blink, you may have missed your opportunity to cash in on their interest. That’s why it is increasingly relevant to keep your eyes on trending news stories, memes and other social content of heightened intrigue so that when something grabs the attention of the media, you’re able to add it to your channels to cling to it “in the moment”. 

    Track everything you do

    To boost brand awareness, you need to know where your efforts are proving to be successful and where they need more work. That’s why measuring everything you do by tracking your content will help to provide you with some noteworthy, engagement statistics. While certain social channels provide insights to business profiles, you can wage this by using URL shorteners to track your web analytics and show you who’s buying, when they’re buying, how much they bought and which campaign received the most traffic. 

    Which tips will you be using to boost your brand awareness? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

    How does digital marketing provide business flexibility

    the benefits of digital marketing

    In a world where the benefits of digital marketing are ever-growing with wide-spread technological developments and the growth of online users, it only makes sense to promote state-of-the-art products and services through e-commerce websites. For decades conventional marketing was the only way to get the word out, but now businesses have the option to advertise electronically across various online mediums. The question is, how is it that internet marketing is continuing to offer entrepreneurs advantageous flexibility while placing classified ads are slowly becoming a thing of the past?  

    Digital marketing allows you to make changes

    Traditional marketing comes in many forms — billboards displays, newspaper advertisements and even TV and radio endorsements — but one of the main disadvantages is that there is an inability to make tweaks to the campaign it has been launched. After all, it isn’t cheap or easy to take down a billboard and whip up a new one if something is spelled wrong, so, naturally, no one wants to have to throw away their publication. That being said, digital marketing has the ability to be a lot more fluid when it comes to fixing errors, allowing business owners to change around the text and image after publishing. Even social media posts, search engine optimization copy and curated blogs are able to be edited at a later date. So, this means that if you happen to make a careless error or a simple misprint, chances are that it can be fixed quickly and effectively.

    Digital marketing allows you to attach links

    Humans are visual creatures which means that a high percentage of our society processes things better through the help of visual aids. So, if you’re hoping to teach consumers about your products and services, linking your content will allow them to easily access what you’re selling, the reviews and other helpful sources that articulate your point. Not to mention links give potential customers a choice when it comes to clicking and viewing rather than a more forceful approach. The public can’t choose their radio advertisements, but they can choose which emails they open. So, having the choice to click and read through the use of helpful links is one of the many advantageous benefits of digital marketing, giving consumers an added element of control.

    Narrows your focus to the right audience

    While a traditional marketing advertisement is announced to the public, in a newspaper ad or in the form of a commercial, digital marketing is a more focused endorsement, only advertising to more narrowed group of willing subscribers, those who have searched for a specific key term or simply people who have liked the business’ social channels. While traditional ads do have the power to be geared towards a certain audience (advertising a sporting goods business on an all-sports channel) it doesn’t have the same opportunities to reach customers. The narrow focused of digital marketing has a greater chance of targeting an interested audience.

    How have the benefits of digital marketing helped grow your e-commerce business? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

    How can your business benefit through the use of graphics?

    digital influence of social media

    One of the powerful things about being socially connected is that you’re able to gain an original insight from the sensory information you’ve obtained in your physical environment, while also processing insightful information that you have received based on your online perceptions. While all our senses — sound, touch, smell, sight and taste — work together to form our understanding of the world, our visual sense is where we get most of our information from. After all, the digital influence of social media is vast, so it can be very advantageous for marketers to use an assortment of visual materials to carry out their strategies.

    Is your content strategy visual?

    Graphics should be the main feature of your content strategy and depending on the type of e-commerce business that you operate, these visuals may even be needed alongside defined text in order to really grab the attention of browsers and interested shoppers.

    When you’re branding your business, there is no better way to connect to your audience than through channels available in the social media marketing model. Finding leads, funneling sales and demonstrating your company’s expertise are a few reasons to share content across your social channels, but visuals are harder to ignore when potential customers are scrolling through their feeds. This is why graphics have the power to influence your digital strategy in a way that gets you noticed.

    What types of visual content can you share?

    Having a graphic designer contrive a few original graphics or illustrations is incredibly beneficial for your business because the average user’s social feeds are constantly flooded with tailored content. In order to help your digital ads stand out, you’ll need to try extra hard to pull the customers in using enticing visuals. The more unique the content is, the better position you will be in to establish a connection. This means that your designs need to support the tone of your business while also dabbling in a variety of colours and an array of typography styles.

    Photos and videos are another great way to show your audience what goes on behind the scenes of your business. Not only does this little insight make an excellent addition to your Instagram story, but this visual content also tends to receive more engagements within the sphere of social media.

    Also, if you’re wanting the digital influence of social media to excel your business, quotes and screenshots are other visual elements that draw customers towards your e-commerce website. This is because they’re relatable, shareable and reflect the values of your company, establishing your brand’s values without the need for any long, boring descriptions or informative posts.

    How do you use the digital influence of social media to weigh your marketing strategy? Drop a comment below to start a conversation.

    What is the effect of digital marketing on the grocery industry?

    It wasn’t long ago that the concept of ordering groceries digitally was considered to be absurd. After all, how did we expect that the supplier would ensure high-quality products? Needless to say, with ever-growing e-commerce technologies working alongside large grocery chains, this absurd concept evolved into a graciously developed idea with an online platform that included a shopping cart, promotional discounts codes and even a section where customer reviews could be written about products and services. While brick-and-mortar grocery shopping will probably never fully disappear, as our lives become busier and more career-oriented, the convenience of online grocery shopping can only become more appealing. And just like how the world of reading newspapers and cutting out magazine clippings has become far less common; grocery digital marketing may strive to replace the tradition of word-of-mouth advertising.

    How has the influence of grocery digital marketing grown?

    Digital technology has the power to expand multiple types of shopping experiences, including the grocery industry. In fact, 51% of grocery sales in 2016 were influenced digitally according to this study.

    Just as the number of online shoppers and mobile users has skyrocketed in the past decade, so too has their trust for making their purchases online. And with other sectors, such as electronics, home, health and apparel having maintained a high frequency when it comes to digital shopping, grocery has proven its worth with advantages like the promotion of convenience and a clear way to assist with every day time management.

    There has been an increase in online revenue

    The most tangible evidence to support the benefit of online marketing is noticing an increase in business revenue. While grocery digital marketing has just started to hit the tipping point in regards to digital influence, over the past few years the industry has seen a shift with customers researching potential purchases online before heading to a brick-and-mortar shop to buy. While 9% more likely to carry out a purchase, customers are seemingly increasing their spending by 19% through the use of digital resources.

    There has been an increase in online reviews

    Past customer reviews harness power over future customer purchases. In fact, 29% of customers try out products based on a review that they read online. That’s why authentic reviews should be a part of your grocery digital marketing strategy. After all, credibility is essential if a business hopes to see more online sales.

    Foster their trust

    Digital marketing is a great way to foster the trust of new and potential shoppers. Even in the grocery industry, reaching out to your customers to find out how their experience was is essential, so, businesses hoping to maintain their confidence in buying should accommodate their interests by asking them to rate their purchase. They should even consider offering them a loyalty coupon in exchange for their time. This method will encourage familiarity and will also establish them as their main grocery supplier when life gets too busy to head to the store.

    How else do you feel grocery digital advertising has evolved over the years? Drop a comment below to start a conversation.

    Why should you outsource your digital marketing?

    outsource digital marketing

    Investing in your digital marketing strategy is vital for the future of your business. After all, with the vast increase in online technologies, the ever-changing world of the internet is only expected to expand. While there are so many reasons that businesses outsource digital marketing rather than keep the projects in-house, the fact is that professionals come with an increased set of skills, the motivation to maintain a high level of performance and some added industry knowledge in the field that can help keep your advertising costs low. While the right amount of resources and confidence is always a good starting point, there are many other arguments as to why you should keep outsourcing your digital marketing efforts.

    You get some extra tools added to your toolbox

    While business owners have an opportunity to take initiative by expanding on their own industry knowledge and skills, many are already keeping busy with their other fundamental, operational ventures. That being said, your digital marketing strategy shouldn’t have to take the backseat just because you don’t have the time. Essentially, when you outsource digital marketing, you’re handing over these imperative tasks to a professional who knows what they’re doing. These trained individuals are knowledgeable, possess an acquired list of relative experience and come with a set of industry tools that can be used to implement, track and obtain successful marketing results. That’s why working alongside a digital marketing firm is a powerful way to decrease your costs because you’re then able to pay these professionals for the exact amount of time needed to complete a particular campaign or task rather than scrambling to get it done yourself.

    You can bridge your knowledge gap

    While it’s quite possible for business owners to be knowledgeable and passionate about their products and services, it’s very likely that they don’t know the best way to reach out within their consumer market. That’s why it’s important to really recognize the skills and expertise that a marketing professional can bring to the team. Yes, you can read Google answers to your questions online or look for a how-to video on YouTube, but when you outsource these delicate tasks to someone who has specialized trained, you’re ensuring that your approach is going to be more successful and effective.

    You will have more time

    Time is a valuable commodity in the business world. So, put simply, saving time saves you money. That being said, when you outsource digital marketing efforts to someone else, you’re able to clear your schedule for other high-demand tasks and allow yourself to work more productively without being sidetracked. Another advantageous element is that when you’re able to concentrate on and complete your other marketing efforts, which in turn increases your businesses revenue. Your outsourcer is then able to create efficient marketing campaigns that will get traction and results.

    Are you still unsure of why you should outsource your digital marketing efforts? The best thing to do is to seek out a working relationship with a digital marketing agency. That way if you like the results, you’re able to move ahead and if you don’t, then you can move on.

    How do you think that outsourced digital marketing can meet the needs of your company? Tell us in the comments section below.  


    Owned, earned or paid social media tactics

     social media marketing

    When was the last time that you revamped your social media marketing strategy? While maintaining a regular posting schedule might create a small amount of traction for your brand, an intuitive update to the tactics you’re using within your social channels, especially in today’s fiercely competitive world, could help beat out your online competitors. So, before you fork over the money to have your social strategy managed, it’s important to discuss the options that you have.

    Social media tactics to consider

    Regardless of whether you’re new to the world of business or you’ve been in it for quite some time, it’s important to know the wide selection of social media tactics that you have available when you’re trying to reach your target audience. Here are a few that you may have already tried:

    • Posting at an optimal time (9 a.m. on weekdays, noon on weekdays).
    • Sharing engaging content (articles, blogs or fun facts about your industry niche).
    • Creating a conversation (asking your followers to comment or start a debate).
    • Sharing visuals (videos, memes or cartoons).
    • Creating a poll (followers like that this feature is interactive).

    Although all of the above social media tactics are a good start to get the word out about your products or services, there are some more in-depth approaches that you can also test out.

    • Social media customer service: This allows you to combat any issues a customer may be having or to promptly answer questions.
    • Utilize your photo upload sections: Whether it’s your cover photo or profile image, you can use these sections to promote sales, upgrades or discounts that are available.
    • Posting surveys: They’re easy to conduct and organize and provide you with a lot of relevant, valuable feedback.

    What’s the difference between owned, earned and paid social media tactics?

    Now that you’ve got some innovative, new social media marketing tactics, it’s time to put your ideas to good use. As a business owner, you will need to analyze your owned and earned tactics and determine if you have a budget to allow for a certain amount of paid posts as well.

    • Owned: This category of social media tactics refers to the messages that appear organically. This means that the people who follow your page will only be able to see what you post to your channels.
    • Earned: If you have established a popular following, your customers and followers may choose to share your social posts simply because they enjoy the content or because they feel the need to promote a product. You can also reach out to devoted customers and ask them to become a social influencer in exchange for some exclusive perks.
    • Paid: If it’s in your budget you can pay to boost your social posts or written content. You’re also able to pay people to influence your brand on social media if you want to gain access to their widespread following.

    Which social media tactics have worked well for your company? Share your lessons with our readers in the comments section below.

    Good Grammar Is a Marketing Must

     blogging and content creation

    You can start out with a fantastic business idea, develop some state-of-the-art products and increase the connection with your customers, but if you don’t take the time to cultivate your grammar skills, your business’s respectability will appear incredibly sloppy. That being said, if you’re the one writing for your business, a red flag will rise in regards to your professionalism if you aren’t taking the time to proof-read your blogging and content creation. So, in the spirit of National Grammar Day (March 4), we want to emphasize a few tips to keep in mind when you’re trying to catch your typos and dangling modifiers. 

    Proofread your writing

    It can be incredibly easy to just hit publish after you finish writing your blogging and content creation without taking any additional time to re-read and edit. So, if you’re wanting to promote expertise in your writing style, it helps to take the time to check over your work in order to catch any stray punctuation errors or misspelled words. After all, the content on your website should embellish an experienced image.

    Another way to tackle proofreading is to have a second set of eyes look over your work. Often times it can be difficult to catch our own mistakes so having another person, preferably someone with writing experience, will leave you with some sharper, more refined diction.

    Needless to say, if you don’t have anyone that’s available to help you immediately, try using a grammar and punctuation tool to help proofread over your work. Nobody’s perfect, so it’s important to condition your time to allow for quality checkups.

    Keep an eye out for any malapropism

    The word malapropism is used to refer to the use of an incorrect word in the place of a word with a similar sound there are several examples to consider when you’re keeping an eye out for these grammatical errors. For example, you could have accidentally used a word that sounds the same as the word you meant to use, but means something completely different, like the words “tandem” and “tantrum”.

    Another example that’s commonly mixed up is the definitions of the following speech words “there”, “their” and “they’re”. These contractions mean very different things and can easily be incorrectly interchanged when you’re rushing to finish blogging and content creation. Take the time to re-read your writing and perhaps even say it out loud so that you can catch these tedious, incompetent mistakes.

    Watch your apostrophes

    In case you’ve forgotten your elementary school English lectures, here’s a quick primer. An apostrophe should only be used after a noun to make either a possessive (Jack’s sandwich) or a contraction (Sally’s going to the park, a contraction of “Sally is going to the park”). Always remember that an apostrophe should never be used to make pronouns possessive (hers, its, theirs), but they can be used it to make a pronoun into a contraction (It’s sunny, you’re awesome, they’re angry).

    Well, there you have it! A little refresher on some common grammatical copy mistakes. If you’re still stuck when it comes to grammar and feel as if you need some advanced help, considering consulting with a professional digital marketing team and sort through your writing with a fine-tooth comb before it’s published for the world to see.

    In your opinion, what is the most frustrating part of grammar? Tell us in the comments section below.