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    What digital marketing trends should you keep your eyes on?

    It’s incredibly challenging to stay ahead of the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing. However, it’s necessary for businesses to succeed under such competitive influence. With technology continually advancing and consumer behaviours shifting, keeping an eye on the latest trends is a great way to ensure that your marketing strategies remain effective. Continue reading if you want to learn more about the top digital marketing trends and the internet marketing services that are the most impactful right now. 

    Artificial intelligence (AI)

    AI is revolutionizing the way markets analyze data, understand consumer behaviour, and personalize interactions. From chatbots that offer instant customer support to AI-powered algorithms that optimize ad targeting, incorporating AI into your digital marketing efforts can help to streamline processes and enhance customer experiences. 

    *While Trek Marketing takes pride in hiring professionals with varied digital marketing skills and experience, we also encourage the use of AI in our internet marketing services to speed up some processes and stretch your hours further. Learn more about how we use AI to better our service

    Voice search optimization 

    As voice-activated devices like smart speakers continue to rise in popularity, optimizing your content for voice search becomes more and more essential. Consumers are now using natural language to search for information, making long-tail keywords and conversational content vital for better search engine rankings

    *Our search engine optimization (SEO) experts are on top of this trend and are streamlining better keywords to make your content rank better, faster. 

    Video marketing dominance

    Video content continues to reign supreme in the realm of digital marketing. Not only is it engaging, but it’s shareable and appeals to various types of audiences. Brands are leveraging live videos, short-form content, and interactive videos to boost engagement and connect with their target customers.

    *Our social media experts take your supplied video content and turn it into fun reels and social posts to boost your online presence. 

    Influencer marketing evolution 

    Influencer marketing has grown beyond social media endorsements. Collaborating with influencers who align with your brand values can help you to reach a more targeted audience and build more authentic connections. Be sure to look for influencers who have genuine engagement and can create meaningful content that resonates with your audience.

    What other digital marketing trends are revolutionizing various online spaces? Drop a comment below to start a conversation.

    How to prepare your shop for increased holiday traffic

    The weeks leading up to the holidays are some of the busiest of the year for e-commerce businesses. That said, with more people hunting on the wide web for gift ideas, it’s safe to assume that you can expect a higher-than-average number of visitors to your store—as long as your SEO, social media, and email strategies are working in your favour. Needless to say, if you aren’t equipped to handle an increase in website traffic, it will cost you sales this holiday season, so it’s best to be prepared. 

    Don’t make any big changes to your website layout

    While it’s great to keep things fresh, especially during the holidays, changing up your website’s layout right before the biggest shopping time of the year isn’t recommended. Shoppers rely on consistency, especially when they’re trying to find products to fulfill their orders, and drastic changes to these processes can be frustrating and cause unexpected technical glitches. So, instead of focusing on a web re-design, use this time to present holiday deals to get those sales up. You can create a holiday-specific landing page, a new shopping category, change up with some seasonal banners, and update your content to showcase special deals. Basically, you can develop a festive look without changing the website’s functionality. 

    Ensure mobile shoppers can also enjoy

    The start of November is the perfect time to prep your website for mobile commerce. Since almost every online shopper has a phone these days, it would be silly to not ensure that your website is legible and workable on a smartphone. 

    Our sister company Numinix Web Development offers a mobile optimization service that will adjust font and button sizes and enable mobile payments to ensure that the customer experience is the same regardless of the device they wish to use.   

    Stock up on inventory

    Whether you have items that are seasonal or you have a list of popular goods, it’s important to look at your previous year’s sales trends. This ensures that you can properly stock your products before the influx of sales can in. Keep in mind that if you have inventory on the way, you should be providing regular updates so that customers can come back to purchase. It’s also a good idea to offer alternative suggestions to keep sales in-store rather than offering up sales to your competitors because of a lack of inventory. 

    Which one of our proposed tips for an increase in website traffic do you find most important? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

    Why great websites should include an SEO plan

    search engine optimization

    You can have a beautifully designed website and a stellar marketing team backing up your products and services on social media but if your businesses website is lacking search engine optimization it won’t be getting the attention that it deserves. Needless to say, if you understand the importance of SEO implementation, you’re well on your way to creating the right traction to get noticed in your niche industry.

    Why do so many e-commerce businesses lack SEO?

    There are many reasons that a startup e-commerce business may lack an SEO strategy:

    • They don’t have the extra income: There are a lot of costs that go with operating an online business and it’s possible that when a company is just getting off the ground, they won’t have the extra funds that are needed for search engine optimization.
    • They don’t have the time: While this point is only applicable if they’re doing their own in-house SEO, if you’re a business owner who is juggling multiple tasks it’s possible that SEO is something that can and will be forgotten.
    • It’s hard to keep up with the progression: An SEO specialist has the incentive to follow what’s changing in the landscape of the industry, whereas a business owner may find it hard to know all the grooves of search engine optimization.
    • You don’t have the resources: Small businesses aren’t able to invest enough into the tools that may be needed, such as better analytics, keyword research, reporting tools and conversion optimization tools. 

    Design your website with SEO in mind

    Regardless of whether you already have a fully functioning web design or if you’re in the process of starting one from scratch, just keep in mind that there are always ways you can keep your design SEO-oriented. That being said, the most important thing you can do is to build a plan for how your target audience is going to notice you. Creating brand awareness should be an essential part of growing your business and your SEO strategy is crucial when it comes to generating leads. So, if you want your website to flourish, considering content marketing. Content marketing entails many digital marketing elements, such as blogging, creating videos and sharing social posts across your channels. Consider using this as an opportunity to flaunt your SEO knowledge and use industry keywords within all of your content to increase your chances of being ranked organically on various search engines.  

    So, why should you invest in SEO?

    You already know that there are tons of companies out there that are competing with you that also have products just as innovative and budget-friendly as yours are, so, why wouldn’t you want to invest in the opportunity to stand out from the competition? SEO allows you to design and create content using industry-specific keywords. Then you’re able to start attracting traffic from people who are already interested in what you’re selling. After all, they typed in a particular set of words and BAM there was your site conveniently awaiting their future click. So, now instead of only being an information portal, your website is a place where people can come to find exactly what they’re looking for.

    Do you have any positive experiences with search engine optimization? How has it changed the ranking of your business? Tell us in the comments section below.